Links: Margaret Atwood

From Hermoine Wilson of The TV Junkies:

Link: Why iconic author Margaret Atwood is killing it on TV right now
“I think that is one of the effects that series like this can have because each one is centred on a letter and learning letters and how they fit into words of course helps children read. But I don’t think it was in my mind anyway. If your primary purpose is didactic, the story will often be boring.” Continue reading.

From Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian Press:

Link: Margaret Atwood on alliteration, new Wandering Wenda show, being a teen puppeteer
“Kids think it’s funny and when the parents read the books, they often get mixed up and kids think that’s funny too. The Bs and Ds are particularly difficult for kids with dyslexia, and the Rs are particularly difficult with some people from other countries who are learning English. So in fact the R book has been used as a teaching aide in language classes for that reason.” Continue reading.