Comments and queries for the week of May 4

I was so upset when [Anne] started going off-book, but then couldn’t stop watching every Sunday! The finale was fabulous and the scene with Jerry singing was epic! This character has more to offer and I hope that in Season 2 there will be a lot more of Jerry! —Sarah

I felt it had a very uneasy ending with those robbers invited to dinner and maybe renting a room at the farm. There must be more to add, the ending spoilt a lovely series. Please tell me they are not leaving like that. —Veronica

I wanted to hate it (I felt a new adaptation would be disloyal to the Kevin Sullivan version), but I love it so much! —Laura

Would love to see more of this delightful series! Entertaining, real, delightful. I am hoping for more seasons to come with the same detail as the first season. Certainly brings back many special childhood memories of the book series that I thoroughly enjoyed as a young girl. —Theresa

Anne 2017 is excellent. I am so pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to seeing more. —Yvonne

Wonderful … never watched any previous series, movies or read the book even though Anne of Green Gables was around our home. BUT enjoyed the series immensely. A breath of fresh air amongst the very low quality and sometimes offensive shows coming from south of the border. Thank you, CBC. Patiently waiting for Season 2. —Martin

My Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation of Anne of Green Gables! Love the different spin on this epic tale and yet the basic story line is there … such a great “facelift.” We are so looking forward to more seasons … the finale just screams for more! Please don’t make us wait too long! Thank you for this great series … loved it! —Allison and Don

Love [Home to Win]! Love the HGTV stars! Totally disappointed in your HOME choice this season. As designers, you should have put your thinking caps on and went for a true challenge with character and charm. Why would you take a newer home, gut it and re-do it? Such a waste to the land fill and to the home. I used to believe in you all, now I’m not sure. —Marlean

We just watched “Hell to Pay” here in Scotland. It was broadcast this evening on Alibi channel. Wow! We are so looking forward to Series 11. Hubby and I have watched it faithfully since Episode 1 and Station No. 4 is part of our family now. :) The only deaths I want to hear of are Davis and his cohorts. I am hoping George, Higgins and Jackson wore bullet proof vests like the prototype one George wore earlier in the series. —Agnes

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