What Would Sal Do? ending after one season on CraveTV

What Would Sal Do? won’t be given a Second Coming on CraveTV. That’s the word from creator Andrew De Angelis, who made the announcement via Facebook on Monday afternoon.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of What Would Sal Do? Unlike Jesus, our little show will not return,” De Angelis said via his personal page. Season 1 of Sal debuted on CraveTV in March, and that was a miracle in itself. In the summer of 2016, De Angelis’ comic creation was dead in the water. Last June, Allarco Entertainment was granted creditor protection. Allarco owns Super Channel, Sal‘s original home. With creditor protection in place, What Would Sal Do? couldn’t air on the pay channel and was released to its production company to be shopped around. Sal‘s producers, New Metric Media, landed a deal with Bell Media.

“We had a good run,” De Angelis said in his Facebook post. “Well… we had an OK run. Who am I kidding, we had a run. This sucks. There, I said it. But here’s what didn’t suck: getting the chance to make the show I wanted to make—no compromises, no regrets. Here’s another thing that didn’t suck: working with Mark Montefiore, Pat O’Sullivan, Cameron MacClaren and everyone at NewMetric media. This show doesn’t exist without their tireless work, passion and dedication. Their insights not only made Sal a better show, they made me a better writer.” He also shone the spotlight on the entire cast, crew and season writers Kurt Smeaton, Mark Forward, Alex Levine, Mark De Angelis, Steve Dylan, Brandy Hewitt and Karen Moore, and director Samir Rehem.

Sal stars Dylan Taylor (most recently of CBC’s Pure) as the titular character, a foul-mouthed overachiever who has lived a life of laziness and questionable decisions in Sudbury, Ont. That all changes when his mother, Maria (Jennifer Dale) blows his mind with the following info: Sal is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Along for the ride are Sal’s best friend Vince (Ryan McDonald) and Father Luke (Scott Thompson).

Season 1 of What Would Sal Do? can be seen on CraveTV.