Comments and queries for the week of May 19

Renew Shoot the Messenger, someone pick up Pure,
X Company, 19-2 and Orphan Black … all great shows! —Rosanna

I loved [Anne] even though it takes some sidetracks from the book. The characters are beautifully crafted, the actors are giving stellar performances and the cinematography is outstanding. I am drawn right into the story with both feet in Avonlea. I can’t wait to see more! PLEASE keep it going. —Monica

Oh nooo, I just finished Episode 7 without knowing until just now it was the last one! Does anyone know if Season 1 is complete? Anything about a second season? I absolutely loved this show, it is so well done and the main actress is just perfect. —Massimiliano

Please, please, please get rid of Thea [on MasterChef Canada]. She should never have lasted this long. —Margaret


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3 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of May 19”

  1. Thea is still in it? Wow, how did that happen? She’s definitely not up to par with the other contestants in the comp. I haven’t watched for few weeks due to no PVR.

    My favourite Canadian series this past season were Orphan Black, X Company, Vikings, Anne and Wynonna Earp. I’m so disappointed that X Company is done and Orphan Black only has this upcoming season left (both shows could have and should have continued on for longer).

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