Comments and queries for the week of June 9

I’m not happy [Chopped Canada] got cancelled. I watched it all the time and I’m ashamed, as a Canadian, that they cancelled something that was important to others! I loved the show and Food Network Canada is a huge disappointment now!! —Terri

I love [Anne]. I just get entranced while watching. The gentleman that plays the father figure is so sweet and genuine it just makes me cry. So much is so true that I see in my students. Kids will be kids no matter what ages. Please let there be a Season 2; I would love for it to continue. It is so hard to find a good show anymore that doesn’t deal with crime and sex. Please post when Season 2 will start. —Grace

Congratulations Trevor. Truly deserved to win. I think the [MasterChef Canada] final should have been between Trevor and Barrie. When Thea brought out the tears in order to stay in the competition I thought that was a ploy. It had worked for Miranda one week, so I think she decided to give it a shot as well and it worked for her too! Even Mai tried using the tears but it didn’t save her. I was thoroughly disgusted with Miranda and the other guy (can’t remember his name) who saved themselves when they both knew they were responsible for their team’s failure. They were in charge and the captain goes down with the ship regardless. And then Michael offers him a job in his new restaurant? What about Barrie or Thea? They were more worthy of a job offering! —Debra

Wow, I actually agreed with the judges’ decision this year! You mean it’s not fixed?!? Trevor was the stronger home cook between the two finalists. Cool technique on his crème fraiche in his dessert; it looked like an artist setting up an abstract painting. Loved his honest but polite comments (digs) about Barrie in last week’s show about who supported who when on the same team. Barrie is such a gentle (the bear) man, but it is a competition. Anyone else think that Thea and Britney Spears could be sisters? Loved how her confidence came out after being called out by the judges to start acting like she deserved to be standing in the Top 10. Great job by both finalists! —Tunie

I am so very glad that Trevor won the MasterChef title. I think he deserved the title more than anyone else. He has good cooking and plating skills and he listened to the advice given by the judges. More importantly, he was humble and warm throughout the whole process. Congratulations, Trevor! Frankly, I really like watching MasterChef Canada. The judges are simply awesome. They not only advise the contestants but also give them the moral support they needed especially when some of these contestants encounter a problem or two during the culinary battle. I would say that the three judges Chef Michael, Chef Alvin and Chef Claudio are great mentors apart from being great chefs themselves. They truly exude warmth and humility. Three cheers to the three awesome MasterChef judges and three cheers to the contestants too. —Siew


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