Links: Dark Matter

From TD Rideout of The Mind Reels:

Link: Dark Matter set visit
It’s a cold December morning, the holidays are on the horizon, a storm cloud of twinkling lights, gift giving and family.  Clambering aboard the tarnished grey subway cars that burrow their way through the city, Sue and I prepared for a day in the far-flung future… Continue reading. 

From Andrew Liptak of The Verge:

Link: Syfy’s pulpy space opera Dark Matter is back—here’s why you should watch
The show is largely about identities and who people truly are. Most of the characters have their own agendas, but once their memories were wiped, they found a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves. They come together into a crew because they’re comfortable with one another, or at least more comfortable than they are with the wider world. Continue reading.

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi on the two-hour Season 3 premiere
“I mean, the war is happening, there’s not much they can do about that. It’s debatable if they want to get involved at all. On one hand, you’ve got Six who’s always been leading the charge and trying to get them to be better people, and Two points out to him that being better is so much harder, and maybe it’s not worth the risk. They tried to be better, and that was the whole point of Season 2, a search for redemption that ends up blowing up in their faces.” Continue reading.