Link: Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras talks “Gonna Getcha Good”

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras talks “Gonna Getcha Good”
“That’s the problem with someone like Doc in that he can be cool as a cucumber and reject your drunken self in the bar, but then with one line and one intense look with those blue eyes and a twitch of that mustache you’re back in! Tim Rozon is so good and he just gets it and what that line has to be.” Continue reading.

From Nivea Serrao of Entertainment Weekly:

Link: Wynonna Earp EP says Waverly is under ‘a stone-cold possession’
“One of the things I love about Wynonna Earp is there’s a real sense of destiny and fate versus free will. Wynonna has been fated to become this hero. She has to pick up the mantle of fighting these revenants. She isn’t really given a choice. The Ghost River Triangle is a mystical place that really likes to have its players where it wants it — so Dolls didn’t have a choice on some level. But we’ll find out very shortly why he’s back and how he has returned and what they’re going to do about it ’cause he’s not in the best shape. In fact, Waverly is looking at him like she looks at a spider snack.” Continue reading.