Comments and queries for the week of July 14

[The Amazing Race Canada] didn’t say that ‘Fort Mac was Canada’s oldest European settlement.’ That would be L’Anse aux Meadows in 1003, the first European settlement in the Americas founded by the Norse explorer Leif Erikson (in Newfoundland). What they said was Fort Mac is Alberta’s oldest European settlement. :-) —Kurt

Thanks for setting me straight, Kurt! —Greg

Dan Kipnis and Riya Malik trying to sing our Canadian anthem last night was a joke. If you want to play on The Amazing Race Canada than you should know our anthem. I was disgusted and disappointed. Happy to see them go just because of that! —Daphne

Hello from the States! I never miss TAR Canada since the first season, but it is not easy to watch without CTV. My heart went for the Goofy Newfies and, of course, they finished next to last [last week] and seem ready for an early exit. Otherwise, haven’t seen a favourite yet. The Yeller Boys may get on my nerves but they haven’t yet. Shout out to JonMonty. He’s the perfect host for this show. —Bob

It is time for Charlie and Alex get married! I love [Saving Hope]! —Gladusha

The whole separation thing has been incredibly artificial. Them snapping back together like magnets is only logical. Plus they’ve got three episodes to give us everybody’s happy ending. —ArghC

Hoping the payoff is believable because it’s hard to imagine something instantly bringing Charlie and Alex back together. Going to be hard to top the emotion of last week. —Hallie


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