Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo leave ET Canada

Sad news out the Entertainment Tonight Canada camp today, as it’s been announced Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo are all leaving the long-running newsmagazine show.

“Heading into our 13th season of ET Canada, we are making some changes to the show,” the series announced via its website on Friday. “It’s an emotional day as we share the news that Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo will be moving on to pursue new ventures. After 12 years as co-host, Rick will be leaving ET Canada when his contract comes to a close later this summer. We are grateful for his dedication to the show and wish him well.”

Erin Cebula

“Following 12 years as our West Coast reporter, Erin is moving on to produce and host quality lifestyle and entertainment content for broadcast and new media in Vancouver,” the post continues. “And after 12 years as our correspondent in Montreal, Natasha Gargiulo will continue host and produce entertainment shows for TV and radio, and expand her lifestyle retreats to empower women. You can still catch Natasha and Erin on the show throughout the month of July, and Rick will appear until the end of August.”

Natasha Gargiulo

“We sincerely thank Rick, Erin and Natasha for their tremendous contributions to ET Canada, and wish them every success in their future endeavours,” it concludes.

Launched in 2005 as a spinoff to Entertainment Tonight, ET Canada‘s current roster includes Cheryl Hickey, Roz Weston and Sangita Patel.

Take a look back as Campanelli related his thoughts on 10 years at ET Canada back in 2014.

This is just the latest shakeup at a former Shaw property since Corus bought the company in 2016. Timber Kings, You Gotta Eat Here!, Income Property, Big Brother Canada, Leave It to Bryan and Real Housewives of Toronto have all be cancelled by Corus this year.


13 thoughts on “Rick Campanelli, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo leave ET Canada”

  1. Personally. I would have eliminated Cheryl before either Erin or Natasha.
    Èrin and Natasha were very down to earth and approachable.
    Cheryl is too much into herself. Does not carry herself well. Even standing still she is very affected.
    Roz is a keeper.

    1. I have to agree with you .. I find Cheryl very “posed” and a little too rigid .. Erin & Natasha had an ease about them, more natural.
      Roz is totally a keeper!!

  2. corus ratings are going to decrease.
    Canadian shows such as income property and leave it to Bryan are very popular. i will no longer watching Et or Global.

    1. I’m not impressed with Corus .. Income Property, Leave it to Bryan & Timber Kings are 3 of my favorite shows.
      They represent Canada for God sakes!!

  3. So, no representation on ET Canada outside of Toronto? There is more film and television production in Vancouver and British Columbia than anywhere else in Canada, yet Corus feels they don’t need a West Coast correspondent any longer? Never mind as well Vancouver’s proximity to Los Angeles and California. What are these people thinking? I agree Erin comes across as natural and down to earth, while the Toronto gang is all about their outfits and what they are wearing, sometimes I feel they think its all about them and they are the story! Hello, you people are there to report and interview celebrities, your not the celebrities. Here’s an idea, cut the wardrobe budget for the show and you wouldn’t have to lay anybody off!

  4. How dare they cancel Income Property. You said everything well. Sangita is more personable than Cheryl.
    What are they thinking? Why not cancel E.T? It won’t be worth watching. You are right. It isn’t all about T.O.
    Will not be watching Global.

  5. under newly appointed CEO Doug Murphy Corus viewership has plunged lower than the necklines of Toronto Housewives and their share prices are free falling like 200 foot cedars on the Timber Kings. In the past 3 years Corus shareholders have lost about 50% of their investment. Corus is bleeding hundreds of millions in red ink and Murphys efforts to raise revenues has been a dismal failure. Celebrity reporters and guys like Bryan are not well paid. They do these shows for name recognition so they can do endorsements like the radio ads that Baumler does for Lowe’s. But stupidly, Murphy is now slashing the salaries of the very faces and shows that anchors his shrinking audience. When a CEO fails at driving revenue they will always resort to cutting expenses. If Murphy truly wants to slash a salary that can make a significant contribution to the bottom line perhaps he should start with his 4 million salary. Its this kind of leadership that will turn Corus shares into a penny stock in 3 years so if you own any sell them before they end up in one of Bryan’s dumpsters

  6. Consider getting rid of Doug Murphy instead. At least three top television show gone. How you can claim Property Brothers is a money loser is beyond me as well as Bryan and Income property etc. I’ll enjoy watching Chorus fall. It’s all about millennium viewers, that’s obvious. Television is going downhill. It’s geared to one generation,

  7. I totally agree, Rick should stay and get rid of the high fashion mama Cheryl. What’s with her outfits. Showing off excess curves is not what I want to see. The women can dress professionally and in style without flaunting. Rob and Rick should be the show hosts.

    1. I agree. Cheryl is soooo posed. Nothing natural about her.
      The others should stay.
      Some one in charge give your reasoning behind keep in Cheryl.

  8. There was such forced chemistry between Rick Campanelli, and Cheryl Hickey. Corus should have continued with him, Roz Weston, Erin Cebula and Natasha Gargiulo .Rick,and Roz would have been hilarious co-hosts,with the ladies continuing their on location coverage.ET U.S.have any say,they ought to reinstate their format. Didn’t know Corus had a new CEO either, John Cassaday led the organization by building relevant content during a time where the audience was changing its consumption.I have stopped watching Global regularly even with OTT,and haven’t subscribed to any broadcaster for over 5 years now.Still catch ET U.S. on NBC.

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