Comments and queries for the week of July 21

Not happy that Private Eyes is wrapping up already. I feel like we’ve just started watching it and it’s done! Sucks that we have to wait a year to see it again, what gives? —Joyce

Global cut the season in half for some stupid reason, so now the 18 episodes are being split and the last nine episodes of Season 2 are gonna be on next summer. Believe me, I hate it too. I don’t understand why they would renew it, only to end up showing half this year and half next year. —Samantha

I’m disappointed that [You Gotta Eat Here!] has been cancelled. My family has used this show as a food guide, we are a hockey family and when we are on the road in different towns and cities we’ve tried many of these great restaurants thanks to the shows recommendations. It will be sadly missed. —Danny

I strongly disagree with the cancellation of the show. My family and I have found great restaurants all because of it. America had Man vs. Food. America had DDD. And now Canada has nothing? Food Network … dumbest move by far. And as for the host? He as Canadian as it gets. Funny, quirky, whether he knows about food or now, who cares!! He’s a great host, with a great personality on screen. There are restaurants who need exposure and this move damages Canadians. —Deje


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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of July 21”

  1. So Global drops the second half of Season 2 of Private Eyes (7.1 rating on imdb) and substitutes another mindless game show like The Wall (6.3 rating on imdb), and all without warning the viewing fans of Private Eyes. It seems that catering to their viewers is less important than saving money on anything with decent entertainment, production and talent values by replacing it with a low cost, mindless, no talent production.

    They had promised us an expanded season this year, and instead gave us fewer episodes than the first season! Pretty rotten. low class way to treat loyal view expectations in my opinion.

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