Links: CBC’s 21 Thunder

From Lauren La Rose of the Canadian Press:

Link: ’21 Thunder’ star draws inspiration from Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair
As she stepped into the cleats of a seasoned player turned coach for CBC’s new TV series “21 Thunder,” actress Stephanie Bennett looked to Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair for inspiration. Continue reading. 

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Link: 21 Thunder is a fine drama containing soccer, sex and action
21 Thunder (starts on CBC, Monday, 9 p.m.) manages to out-manoeuvre all the possible pitfalls by being about soccer and mainly not about big stars and crucial games, but about young players on the cusp of being full-time professionals and potential legends. It’s an excellent melodrama that reaches into the lavishly exotic and coarse world of club soccer and pulls out stories and characters that are believable and compelling. Continue reading.

From Mackenzie Patterson of Post City:

Link: Emmanuel Kabongo stars in CBC’s ‘21 Thunder’
“At the moment, I’m trying to enjoy the ride because it doesn’t always come along. There have been days where I’m, like, ‘Is this ever going to work out? When am I going to break?’ I had rejection after rejection after rejection,” he says. “It was after my 357th audition that I finally landed 21 Thunder. I’m in love with acting right now, it’s what I’m good at.” Continue reading.