Links: Orphan Black

From Keisha Hatchett of TV Guide:

Link: Orphan Black Star Breaks Down That Shocking Death
“I did always think that it somehow would involve Ferdinand. On a personal level, James Frain and I have worked together on and off for almost 20 years. And when he came onto the show a couple of seasons ago, we immediately just felt like we were worthy adversaries.” Continue reading.

From Vlada Gelman of TV Line:

Link: Orphan Black Star on [Spoiler]’s Death: ‘It’s an Extraordinary Loss’ for Sarah
“As we started to move from Episode 8 onwards, there were just so many big things that I think we all suddenly realized what was happening. We’d all known from the beginning that it was going to be the final trip, but I guess it really became real to us all then. There was this incredible, just heightened anxiety and sort of grief.” Continue reading.