Links: 21 Thunder

From James Bawden:

Link: CBC-TV’s 21 Thunder Is Promising
In ye olden days–say about a decade or so ago–every major TV network would sport summer series worth watching. So three cheers to CBC-TV for trying to revive that tradition with the Montreal made 21 Thunder. which premieres Monday night at 9 on CBC-TV. Continue reading. 

From Victoria Nelli of The TV Junkies:

Link: 21 Thunder: Stephanie Bennett talks her important new role
“I knew that this was a role I wanted to play and a project I wanted to be a part of from the first audition. The scenes were exciting, the writing was gritty and real, and I felt a connection to the role of Christy right away. Christy is a very driven character who has worked extremely hard to get to where she is.” Continue reading.

From Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette:

Link: 21 Thunder is not only about soccer and much of drama is off the field
“We were committed to shooting Montreal as Montreal and I have to tell you that without exception, the international buyers bought the idea that it was the perfect backdrop for an international story about soccer. (Montreal) has that international appeal and that cosmopolitan flavour. So we tried to build on that to sell the character of Montreal as a character in the drama.” Continue reading.