Links: Forget Ratings. ‘Orphan Black’ Had the #CloneClub

From John Koblin of The New York Times:

Link: Forget Ratings. ‘Orphan Black’ Had the #CloneClub
“Orphan Black” never had huge ratings. A July episode on BBC America, for example, garnered just 645,000 viewers, ranking it 33rd among scripted cable TV series that week.

But what the show does have is the #CloneClub, the name its fiercely loyal fans collectively go by when they gather online. And BBC America has done everything it can to cultivate their dedication. Continue reading.

From Norman Wilner of Now Toronto:

Link: Farewell, Orphan Black: a series that managed to be everything all at once
The key to good television is that you’re drawn in by the premise and you fall in love with the characters, and I can think of few shows that prove this as well as Orphan Black. What started out as a murky conspiracy thriller with a nifty gimmick has expanded into something unquantifiable – a big, shaggy narrative mess that still feels, from moment to moment, like something electric and wonderful. Continue reading.

From Jennifer Still of Glamour:

Link: We’re Losing ‘Orphan Black’ Right When We Need It the Most
As Orphan Black winds down for good—the series finale airs August 12—it’s hard not to feel simultaneously empowered and a little depressed about saying goodbye. If ever there were a time when we need portrayals of powerful women who refuse to become victims to their own circumstances, it’s in the current political climate. Continue reading.