Comments and queries for the week of September 15

I think the best team won, however, Kenneth and Ryan were my favourites. They had such a great attitude and had so much fun. The Amazing Race is so great to watch. —Rochelle

No renewal announcement, slightly surprising. But it will happen it’s still the No. 1 summer show. Two climbing challenges was redundant but the puzzle/memory and the bike challenges were good. If Giver had just remembered one 150 Challenge the first time they’d have won. The elevator bit was awesome. It’s always odd how most After the Race specials have one person missing. Not sure why they only had one this year instead of the usual two reunions. I do like they let everyone talk at least once. Sam & Paul had a winner’s edit going on but they were pretty likeable. Ivana had a few goofy moments but so did Korey in the band uniform and peeing earlier. She really messed up her back on diving, I’m surprised she wasn’t medevaced. The nerfing of the U-Turns, the waiting for people to show up to the Face Offs, the location order and the very few international legs being almost always non-elim needs to change. —Dan

I’m happy that Sam and Paul won; however, I would have been happy if Kenneth and Ryan won as well. Some of the challenges were beyond crazy. Five years ago I would have thought entering The Amazing Race would be a possible feat; however, with the challenges they put out there today … never! I’ll be a forever “viewer” instead. Question: why didn’t Kenneth take the elevator the second time? He had already completed the challenge by scaling the building for the first time. —Judy

I love watching The Amazing Race Canada. Have to say I was all for Team GIVER, but the race was so close and I’m glad Sam and Paul won. Can’t wait for next season. —CC

Team Giver really grew on me throughout the race, so I was kind of hoping they’d pull out the win, but Sam and Paul were strong competitors and deserved the win. Well done guys! —Bridget

Team Giver gave it their all and they are the best team ever whether they won or lost, they tried their best and put all of their might into it! They made the town of Collingwood very proud of them and Ontario, Canada too! From one Collingwood Fan, I am so proud of Team Giver and for putting us on the map!!! Way to go guys, you did awesome! Better get training for 2018!!! —Donna

Sam and Paul deserved to win. They played this game intelligently and seemed to have done their research in avoiding errors. Great job guys, enjoy all your prizes. —Christina


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