Link: Much Too Young: Must-See Canadian TV

From Jim Bawden:

Link: Much Too Young: Must-See Canadian TV
Don’t get distracted by the glut of new and returning TV series  popping up all over your TV screens this fall.

Save some time for the brilliant new Canadian made TV documentary Much Too Young which has its world premiere Thursday September 21 at 9 p.m., which is World Alzheimer’s Day. Continue reading.




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  1. I work with people who suffer from dementia every day. I work for my health region’s home care department as a home health assistant and I’ve seen people at all levels of their dementia. It’s heartbreaking and scary, especially with the ones who are so young at their diagnosis because early onset usually progresses at a much faster rate. Hopefully I can find this doc online because I no longer have a satellite so I’ve officially made the move to cord-cutting (the cost was just getting to be too much and when my DVR broke, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back). I moved and now that I have high-speed internet, I have a lot of shows to watch with both Crave TV and Netflix, although I am sad not to have access to Winnipeg Jets games :(

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