Comments and queries for the week of September 22

I am really looking forward to finding out the baby’s name and more of Amy and Ty’s relationship and romance since we did not see much of that last season [on Heartland] and to see how they cope as new parents. —Brooke

I knew Season 11 was going to be special, but you have laid out a season that goes far beyond special, it’s incredible. Ty and Amy as new parents … I can’t wait; Georgie’s role has really expanded which it should, she is very talented can’t wait to see her tackling this new role. Jack and Ty’s relationship should grow and Ty has matured and can’t wait to see him tackling fatherhood. Tim has always been a challenge to deal with but I love his character. You all have done a fantastic job and I know Season 11 hasn’t started yet, but I sure hope it leads to Season 12. Heartland is No. 1 in all our hearts. —James

Heartland has a real man at its centre: Jack. Someone who has such integrity, he didn’t just provide for his own family but sacrificed to silently take care of another for decades, asking for no credit or applause in return. A constant rock that is always there when the ones he loves need him—his backstory makes it clear he knew he had to be accountable and present, fair when he married Lyndy and they had a child. Trying to claim a guy bailing on his pregnant wife on a whim, putting himself in serious danger and actually losing significant income (without even getting into how he once behaved over Amy possibly having outside Heartland aspirations), is a “romantic hero” is bad PR spin at best, especially on a family show, where sadly too often lately family matters less and less. —Lauren

Thank you, Heather Conkie and Greg David for this insightful preview of what we can expect during the upcoming season of Heartland. There’s absolutely nothing else like it on television and it truly gets better every year. Every announcement that it has been renewed is a magnificent blessing for the fans who have been with the program since Day 1. —Nicholas

Reading this is very interesting, but just makes it more difficult to wait to see it in the U.S. As I have said before, all the production pictures, and talk about Season 11 on social media, this is going to be a very good and exciting season. I certainly hope that what goes on in Season 11 will draw a huge audience and lead to another season of the best TV show ever, at least for me. —Tony

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  1. I just want to know whenheartland wI’ll be coming back on in the USA because it is my favorite show and I love Ty and Amy and want to know what they named their daughter

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