Comments and queries for the week of October 6


really was pleasant to watch and kept me glued to my seat week in and week out. The characters were well developed and the acting was phenomenal. J.M. was someone we loved to hate. I really loved his character and how it kept everyone else on edge. The rookie was fantastic as well. Not everyone gets along at work and the fact that his character was just starting to develop, makes me sad we will not see any more of this show. Yes, it was about Chartier and Nick but it was much more. Many of my friends are police officers in Montreal and they have mentioned many times about the realism of the episodes and how accurate they are. Well done and gone before it had to! The emotion shown by Chartier and Nick when they returned to the school was very powerful. Not only was that original school shooting episode riveting, but their return shows how affected they really are by the job that they do. These things stay with you forever and the way this show portrays these scenes is amazing. You cannot help but feel for these characters and when a show can leave you with such emotion, you know that it is well-written and well-acted. Proud of this Canadian show, both English and French versions. —Johnny

Please continue on with this series. It’s a great show and my husband and I look forward to watching it each week. —Maria


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