The Bachelor Canada: Rap battles, poolside chats and baby talk

Last week was a jam-packed one here at TV, eh? and as a result, I wasn’t able to recap last Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor Canada. But here I am and ready to break down all of the breakdowns that occurred this week. Let’s go!

Now that Shanti has been eliminated, all eyes have turned to Brittany. Brittany was instrumental in getting Shanti booted, so I should have realized she’d be one to watch for the rest of this season. Chris announced this was the week he hoped to advance relationships and figure out who might be in it for the long haul.

After some back and forth clips establishing Brittany and Jessie aren’t pals, Noah dropped off the first date invitation for Stacy, Kait, Jessie and Brittany to attend a pool party at Chris’ place. I laughed out loud when Chris welcomed the four ladies and told them he does this all the time. Really? You invite four girls over to your place all the time to just chill out? Anyway, Chris pulled Kait aside first and revealed he’s an edgy dude who is looking for a girl willing to try anything. He and Jessie continued to grow their relationship as she asked him about baseball and if that defined him. For her part, Jessie revealed applying for The Bachelor Canada was a crazy move for her and doing crazy things might have the biggest payoff. After a quick toast and some Brittany one-on-one time with gossip and smooches, Chris awarded Jessie a rose.

The second group date promised some bomba for Lisa, Lara, Lyndsey, Meghan, Mikaela and Dee. Dee was bummed because she wanted a one-on-one to decide whether she should stay or go home to her daughter. Rather than lazing about by the pool, the six ladies were tasked with writing a bomba, a traditional poem used to communicate feelings. The girls paired up, worked and prepared to recite their poem in front of a school full of kids. Lara and Lisa managed to be funny and dis their competition, Lyndsey and Dee were terrible, and Mikaela and Meghan won. That meant Mikaela and Meghan went head-to-head in a bomba battle with Mikaela winning it all. She landed some personal time with the bachelor and made the most of it with some mini golf and kisses after sinking every putt. After more kisses and slow dancing, Mikaela was given a rose.

The one-on-one date of the week was awarded to Catie and had a yoga theme to it, which made her day. Chris may have been uncomfortable with the yoga moves he was asked to perform, but he sure looked at home with Catie in his lap. Still, Chris had real issues connecting with her on the same spiritual level and it bothered him. Later, the pair practiced more eye gazing before Chris presented Catie with a rose.

At the cocktail party, Lyndsey was questioning whether or not she and Chris had shared a connection … until he pulled her aside for a makeout session. Lisa and Chris smooched in the rain, grounding her concerns too. Dee finally got the opportunity she was hoping for and sat down with Chris to talk about her daughter. Unfortunately for her, Chris wasn’t ready to settle down with a child and they agreed it would be best for her to depart.

Here’s who will be back next week:

  • Jessie
  • Mikaela
  • Catie
  • Lyndsey
  • Brittany
  • Kait
  • Meghan
  • Stacy
  • Lisa

The Bachelor Canada airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

Images courtesy of Corus Entertainment.