Comments and queries for the week of November 10

[1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus] interests me a ton. I will say that I learned quite a lot about First Nations history in school growing up. In the 90s it was a big part of the social studies curriculum. The topic interested me considerably and I took some courses in university about it. At Brandon University, where I attended, their department of Anthropology had several archaeology courses emphasizing First Nations archaeology and I wish I could have taken more but I lacked any additional room for electives. Now I wish I had just taken something for fun for a degree because my rural development degree got me absolutely nowhere. —Alicia

Living in the U.S. I don’t get access to APTN. Would really love to see this. Loved the book. —Roxanne

How could someone overseas see this? —Ara

Unfortunately, at this point 1491 isn’t available outside of Canada.

We need APTN because it is our only access to our own peoples and what is going in our community and around the world. The shows are educational and fun at the same time. —Christine

We totally agree! Help ensure APTN stays in your cable lineup by supporting their licence renewal!


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