Comments and queries for the week of November 17

[Massive Monster Mayhem] rules!! Honestly, super creative and engaging and I’m surprised they still make shows like this. I remember stuff like Legends of Hidden Temple and Zoom and whatnot from when I was a kid. This is super cool that they still do this. —Joshua

This episode [of Murdoch Mysteries] was absolutely devastating. I cried—and I couldn’t stop thinking about it even the next day. Masterful performances and a brilliant script. But please, don’t make this kind of intense emotional episode a habit! It was almost too much! —Tim

Wow, so entertaining! Just had me glued to the screen tonight. Could not wait until the end … amazing how they get the audience hooked to this episode by not revealing what we all wanted to know until the very last few seconds. So incredibly well done, so very well-acted by the two actors playing Mr. Dilbert and Mildred … had me in tears. Thank you writers, cast, production and all crew involved. No other show comes close to this. —Rhonda

A dark, terrible episode. I’m sorry I watched it rather than turning off the TV. Maybe it’s me, I found the whole thing very upsetting, and quite disturbing. I was vividly reminded of what I believe to be true. I used to work in a Canadian Pacific railway yard and heard a story of a switching crew employee who was crushed between two rail cars. It can happen in a moment of carelessness. He was alive—pulling the cars apart was not an option. A trauma surgeon was called, and the doctor injected him with a large dose of morphine. Then the locomotive pulled the cars apart. Unconscious, the poor man died instantly of massive crushing injuries to his abdomen. I’ve lived with that indelible image in my mind for a long time. I liked Dilbert’s character. The writers never developed it. We see a sad; tender side of him fatally pinned between a car and trolley. So, instead of giving us more of Dilbert they literally crush him to death and we watch him suffer as he comes to terms with his imminent, tragic, pointless death. I have seen every episode; always enjoyable. But not this one. —Brian

I’m glad Pedersen acknowledged the Homicide: Life on the Street episode because that was what I thought of right away. Great job Murdoch! —Chris


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