Preview: The Travelers team hits the water for high octane adventure

Just because you saved the world from a catastrophic virus doesn’t mean you get any downtime. That’s what MacLaren and the team learn in this week’s new episode of Travelers.

Here’s what Showcase has revealed regarding Monday’s newest episode, “17 Minutes,” written by creator Brad Wright and directed by Amanda Tapping.

A skydiving traveler must try, repeatedly, to save our team from a horrible fate.

And, as always, a few more tidbits from us after watching the episode.

Kat blows her top
No, she’s not still suffering from a fever, but Kat is certainly feeling hot thanks to Grant forgetting something special. We don’t blame her, frankly and he’s in the dog house. That leads to a very funny scene as his team members educate Grant in “21st Century Female Behavior.” I keep forgetting that, despite all of the missions these folks are on, they need to keep their low profile and stay integrated with the population.

Say what?!?!
Just five minutes into “17 Minutes,” everything goes awry for the team in a deadly way. A seemingly routine mission to retrieve an important item turns awful for everyone. Brad Wright and his writers continue to take us on a thrilling ride every week and this one is no exception. It’s twisty, turny and simply fantastic.

Melissa Roxburgh saves the day
Well, her character Carrie tries to anyway. The Vancouver actress portrays the aforementioned skydiver who plummets to earth and attempts to save MacLaren and the squad … and save their mission in the process.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.