Comments and queries for the week of December 22

I was very disappointed with last night’s Murdoch Mysteries. A Ponzi scheme, an autopsy on a dog, [First Nations] against the white man, the death of a man, greed, Megan Fellows’ inconsistent accent, dismal ladies’ clothes, falsehoods. Acting was somewhat stilted. First time that I’ve been disappointed. Not very cheery storylines for this season. Looking forward to 2018. Thank you for all of the past entertaining shows. —Lynda

I’m not a regular viewer of Murdoch, but I enjoyed this episode immensely. Just the right balance of making a serious point and light-hearted fair. I hope the producers do more of these episodes. —John

I’m finally getting caught up and I must say, I’m sad to see Jackson go. I’m hoping this can be a turning point for Higgins, though (haven’t fully caught up yet so I have a few episodes to look forward to, to see if that happens). Finally, I like the new detective (felt like putting a positive in there given the negative above me). I like that he’s quirky. And I sadly have to admit that I think Jackson was a good choice for the victim. We had just started to like him but he wasn’t one of the core characters. His loss therefore stings but isn’t a show-ending sting. Good emotional play without being overwhelming. So happy that this show has remained so awesome over the years. Keep up the good work! —Graymalk

I wish I were in beautiful Canada right now. We in the U.S. will not get to see it! Merry Christmas to everyone connected with the Murdoch show. It is so much fun to just sit and relax and enjoy a family show that has become an institution. I hope it never ends! —Sue

The Director [on Travelers] obviously let a lot of things happen—if it didn’t want the program exposed, it could’ve overwritten the five travelers at any time before things got out of hand. Vincent claims the Director has no compassion but if it didn’t, why did it let our five travelers do what they did to save their loved ones? To smoke out Vincent? Because of the change in future due to the Travelers program being revealed, does it mean that the Director is no longer necessary and that humanity’s future is secure even though these five may have paid a price? I suppose that’s one ending if the show is not renewed anymore. But otherwise, I think the Director saw this coming and it decided to let it go for specific reasons. Maybe the travelers will be accepted and welcomed after all. —Ram

I have to say this program really hit its stride this season. Although I watched and enjoyed Season 1, I wasn’t really invested in the characters or the show until this season got going. The only bad thing about Season 2 is that it is going to be over soon! —Bridget

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