Comments and queries for the week of February 23

I was very sad to hear that Jackson had died. He was so lovable and with a possible budding romance with one of Julia’s student doctors; it’s too bad the writers couldn’t have pursued that avenue. —Mary

This is one of the best shows. I can’t stand the reality TV we have these days. I wish the powers that be in the U.S.A. would take the hint and have entertainment and not reality garbage. —Susan

I wish there were more of these episodes, or wish they were longer I guess. He was great on that show. Ahh well. Maybe a flashback or an old plot will bring him back. —Craig

You were great as Jackson it was a great fit with the cast. Hopefully, they have you back in some capacity. Good luck. —Elizabeth

I know one thing for sure on my part, if Julia dies, I am not watching that show anymore. Murdoch is good, he is at the centre of the show but the character, let’s face it, is rather a dull fellow. She has always brightened his life and the show in general. She slowly brings him out of his shell. So, yes chances are she might lose the baby but I hope they have enough sense to save her unless of course the actress has been offered another gig she could not refuse. Let’s hope not. —Noele


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