Canada’s most watched drama Murdoch Mysteries renewed for Season 12

From a media release:

Canada’s #1 homegrown drama, Murdoch Mysteries, has been renewed by CBC for Season 12 (18 x 60), as just announced by Shaftesbury CEO Christina Jennings at tonight’s Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala. The series, which won the Golden Screen Award for TV Drama or Comedy given to the most-watched series, is watched around the world and draws an average of 1.2 million viewers per week* on CBC.

Season 11 continues tomorrow night with the season’s penultimate episode, “Shadows are Falling.” In the episode, Murdoch and Ogden must put aside dealing with a personal matter when an old friend is charged with murder. The episode airs tomorrow night at 8:00pm/8:30pm NT on CBC.

The current season of Murdoch Mysteries concludes next week with “Free Falling.” In the intense finale, an argument leads Murdoch to help a man search for his missing wife, while Crabtree considers his future with Nina, and the Station House No. 4 team work to solve a grisly murder.

Murdoch Mysteries stars Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, Jonny Harris and Thomas Craig, and airs Mondays at 8:00pm/8:30pm NT on CBC.

One of Canada’s most successful and longest-running dramas, Murdoch Mysteries (12 seasons; 186 x one-hour episodes; 3 x two-hour specials) has become a staple for CBC and broadcasters around the world with its winning formula that brings together compelling mysteries, unique slices of turn-of-the-century history, ingenious inventions and personal moments for each character. The series is licensed to broadcasters in 110 countries and territories including the U.S., U.K., France, Finland and China.

With millions of fans worldwide, Murdoch Mysteries also boasts one of the most engaged fan communities in the world, including over 130,000 likes on Facebook and 146,000 followers for the series and its cast on Twitter.

Murdoch Mysteries is based on Maureen Jennings’s popular Detective Murdoch series of novels and premiered in Canada in January 2008. Murdoch Mysteries is developed and produced by Shaftesbury, in association with CBC, ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment and UKTV, and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the COGECO Program Development Fund. Shaftesbury Sales Company and ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment hold worldwide distribution rights for the series. The series is executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Yannick Bisson and Peter Mitchell, who also serves as showrunner, and produced by Stephen Montgomery and Julie Lacey.




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  1. I am so thrilled to know that this wonderful Murdoch Mysteries will continue hopefully for as long as I live…..Congratulation to you all …God Bless you all

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  2. I love Yanni and Julia and Brackenread and Crabtree…I just love them all. They relax me and make the most of my Mondays…I felt the episode where the man gets hit and trapped by a motorcar thereby losing his life because a major artery was severed was the most sad. I had tears streaming down my face. The cinematography as the man was released from behind the vehicle and the women took over was amazing. It was so effective adding a smober, tragic, and passionate mood to the piece.

  3. Thank goodness! What would we do without this always top notch series? Love the fact all the characters get airtime and are always growing. Love Brackenreid.

  4. Hey now, that`s what I`mtalking about. This is a great series. Love Murdoch Mysteries!!

  5. About time that Canadian talent gets the recognition it deserves not just in OUR OWN country, but also internationally. Thanks CBC for continuing to support and promote the incredible pool of talent we have in the True north–keep it up. Looking forward to many more seasons of Murdoch Mysteries(and Frankie Drake)

  6. Really like this show. Very glad it’s been renewed for another year. Hope it goes on for many more.

  7. Every time the end of the season approaches, I find myself unable to breathe when I look for the news whether this show would be renewed. I’m thrilled that season 12 will exist. I honestly wish this show lasts for as long as I live. It fills the hole left by Agatha Christie, A.C. Doyle, Castle, Murder She Wrote, … It’s my favorite show.

    Congratulations to all the cast, crew, and everyone else responsible for this show. I love you all!

  8. I love watching Murdoch Mysteries and I love the character George Crabtree because he is the smartest and the sexiest one the show andI reckon William Murdoch is the most boring person and the dumbest character on the show
    From the number one Murdoch Mysteries fan in Australia

    1. Aside from Julia, Murdoch is actually probably the most intelligent character on the show with a deep understanding and love for science combined with a deep faith in Catholicism, a relatively rare combination these days. Crabtree, while I do like the character, is actually quite dimwitted and simple minded with a curiosity of science of his own, but he’s written that way.

  9. Love that the shoe is coming back. Keep up the amazing work. Just love this cast.

  10. excellente nouvelle de savoir que cette formidable série continue avec une douzième saison la raison de ce succès pour nous en France pas ou peu de violence, humour et beaucoup de charme Yannick Bisson et la très belle Hélène joy (le couple William Julia ne doit jamais ètre séparé c’est le principal atout de cette formidable aventure qui est réaliste dans beaucoups de domaines mème a notre époque actuelle au 21 siècle sans oublié Thomas, Georges ,Margaret et Henry qui sont merveilleux et les autres acteurs actrices pour la douzième saison de France nous vous souhaitons un immense bonheur et succès a vous toutes et tous pour ces très belles aventures de Murdoch Mystéries dont nous avons le grand plaisir et le bonheur de voir chez nous en France merci a vous.

  11. So please this show is renewed for another season. My favourite show on TV. I always dread the end of the season waiting to hear if there is going to be another. I hope it goes on for years to come.

  12. This is the best mystery series I have seen since Poirot. Iam glad it will be returning for season 12.
    Great job to the cast and crew of the show.
    I watch the show on Acorn Media.

    1. This show is the reason I keep renewing my Acorn subscription. I like other shows on Acorn, but I’ve watched almost all of the other good ones already.

  13. I live in the USA and wished that Hollywood could come up with something as great as the Murdoch Mysteries. I lovethe series so much that when I first saw it on Netflix and they discontinue it I subscribe to Acorn TV so thatI could continue to watch it and just Murdoch Mysteries. Love the characters and the history lessons that the show brings with the drama and the comedy. Excellent chemistry between Yannick Bisson and Helene Joy, love George (great houmor) and The Brackeneids. Thank you to the writters, the camera people, the directors, the producers, and the actors for such an excellent series. I bow down to the excellent work that you do to entertain us. Kudos to you all… Love me some MM!!

    1. I completely agree. I do wish Hollywood would go back to good stories, mysteries and subjects. They rely too much on scandalous sex, crude language and violence as well as fantasy and just weird content. Most of the US detective shows are corny or dumb except for Law and Order SVU. Or, they just do reality tv, which is getting old. Although the actors on Murdoch are attractive, the show doesn’t just rely on over-plasticized, fake beauty like Hollywood does. It is about the characters, the plot and the excellent writing. I am so glad other countries like Canada, the UK and Australia keep these kinds of mysteries coming.

      1. I agree, I love UK, Australian and New Zealand mystery dramas, they really focus on the episodes theme and not all the crude language, sex and vulgarity that exists here in the US. Hope Hollywood wakes up soon and follows suit, there is enough immorality in the world without exploiting it on TV and movies.

  14. Although we in the U.S. are about 2 months behind with current airing via Acorn, still happy to know Murdoch and team will be coming back for Season 12, just hope their Holiday special is as good as their first in Season 9 — didn’t really like Holiday episodes for 10 & 11. Also, while I love Murdoch & Julie, there has been way too much focus on their relationship and not enough on the actual crimes, let’s go back to what worked in Season 1 – 9.

  15. I live in the U.S. (Mississippi) and I am really, really, really glad to hear that Murdoch will be back for season 12. Words can not express how much I love this show and there is nothing on the air in the states , right now, that is as great as MM, in my opinion.
    While the show is set in Canada, the themes and societal issues it tackles are universal. Gender equality, abortion, civil rights, issues of racism, classism, religion, homophobia, etc. These are universal to people living around the world and MM examines these, without judgment or taking sides, leaving the concluding analysis to the viewer. All of that, in addition to, a really great mystery. This is something that is rarely found in a lot of TV shows today.
    My hats off to the writers, producers, cast and crew for the blood, sweat, tears and HANDWORK that you put in to every episode. Believe me it shows. Impatiently waiting for season 12.

    Oh, Shaftesbury and AcornTV please don’t make me wait toooooo long. :-)

  16. I live oin the US and am a Murdoch addict. I don’t really like Julia. I wish Murdoch had stayed with Anna. So happy about season 12 I can hardly wait!

  17. We watch on Acorn tv from the US as well. There is nothing as good as Murdoch on American tv, which is why we mostly watch Acorn and Netflix. Thrilled to learn that there will be a season 12!

  18. Murdoch Mysteries is one of my favorite TV dramas so it is wonderful news for season 12…waiting with great anticipation till Acorn TV airs the series (only way to watch in the US).

  19. I’m so glad that Murdoch Mysteries will be back for a 12th Season so please guys give William and Julia a break, please let them have a child in this season.
    They’ve both had so much to deal with they do deserve some happiness please

  20. Really glad that there is going to be a season 12 of this totally addictive series . In the UK we have just seen episode 17 and imho it had one of the toughest storylines ever with the conflict of morals and ethics set against the personal tragedy of Julia’s miscarriage. Having read the sneak peak of episode 18, what is in store for next season? Will Emily Grace return to full the emptiness in George Crabtree ‘s heart? Will miss Hart ‘s
    manipulative scheming turn out to be the tip of of an evil iceberg? As Julia was having fertility treatment did she just lose one of a pair of twins? And when is Murdoch going to be promoted? We know that Brackenried becomes chief constable retiring in the 1920s from the Frankie Drake web story, where Watts becomes an inspector. and of course more of Myers Pendrick and Higgins. I just wish there were two series a year!

  21. I love this show! I am in America and every year I renew my Acorn TV subscription just to watch it. I can’t wait for season 12. I wonder how many in the US realize how many awesome shows and actirs have come out of CA over the years?

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. As one of those “unruly” neighbors to the south, I’ve been watching for years…whether MM or alter ego AD, I love the recurring characters…esp. Cyrus Lane’s Newsome boys. He makes me laugh so hard with a simple expression or gesture. I noticed his familiar face in a painting at the Newsome estate. Is it possible that Roger & Rupoo resemble other relatives like Mother Newsome? Would love to see more of Lane next season…esp. portraying more than 1 character in an episode…maybe a Henry & Ruth wedding episode where wedding preparations uncover a literal skeleton in the Newsome closet??? Just a thought. Thanks for bringing this wonderful series to the world for another season.

  23. Very good!! I am from Italy and absolutely LOVE this show. I watch it in original language on DVD as it much better than dubbed in Italian and also Italian TV broadcast is a lot behind from present season. Love you all!!!

  24. In PA, USA we love Murdock! Just saw season 11 episode 17. Oh, my! Poor Julia and William. They each wanted a child so badly, then they get caught up inthis abortion case, what a mess. I know I don’t have much of a vote, but William and Julia need a child in their lives.

  25. MM is just the best TV show ever. The cast is excellent, the production value top notch, and the attention to detail in the costumes and on set is superb. The story lines are intriguing and perfectly show the timeless relevance in their themes. Kudos to all whose hard work make MM sheer perfection.

  26. YaY!!! This has to be the BEST SHOW EVER!!! William and Julia are so inspiring as a couple. Crabtree and Brakenreid are so funny! I so enjoy all the characters and the stories and acting is top notch! Hopefully there’re many more seasons to come!

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