Links: ReBoot: The Guardian Code, Season 1

From Drew Koch of Bustle:

Link: Will ‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’ Return For Season 2 On Netflix? Fan Response Could Be Make Or Break
The Netflix version is a mix of both live-action and CGI animation, where as the original was exclusively CGI. In addition, instead of focusing on the characters in the virtual world of Mainframe, there is a focus on four, new high schoolers that find their way into that virtual world. Continue reading.

From Shamus Kelley of Den of the Geek:

Link: Reboot: The Guardian Code’s Tribute Episode is a Failure
Let’s talk about ReBoot: The Guardian Code. I had this big plan to write up a long essay about whether an audience can separate behind the scenes drama from a piece of art. After all, we as the audience aren’t supposed to know about any of that stuff. It was going to be awesome. I’d keep calling the show “Guardian Code” and then at the end say “Guardian Code” was perfectly average Canadian kids TV but it wasn’t ReBoot. Continue reading.


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