Great Pacific Media announces “Queen of the Oil Patch” on APTN

From a media release:

Great Pacific Media is pleased to announce the release of APTN’s Queen of the Oil Patch. The documentary series follows the incredible LIVES of one man and Two Spirits… Massey Whiteknife and Iceis Rain. The eight-episode, half-hour series premieres on Tuesday, June 5 on APTN East and HD at 10:30 p.m. ET, APTN West at 10:30 p.m. MT and on APTN North at 4:30 a.m. CT.

Massey Whiteknife is an Indigenous entrepreneur from the Mikisew Cree First Nation who has built a million-dollar empire in the toughest town in Canada… Fort McMurray. In northern Alberta, most men are measured by grit, strength, thick skin, and courage. And Massey has more of that than most, he is, after all, the undisputed “Queen of the Oil Patch.”

As an openly gay man, Massey has won the hearts of thousands in northern Alberta. His determination has built a business empire that was once worth millions. But, the collapse of oil prices and a heartbreaking fire took all of that away. Where others were crushed by the double hit, Massey has vowed to dig deep inside, and rebuild his life with a little help from Iceis Rain, his courageous second spirit.

With nothing left to lose, Iceis Rain has emerged as the powerful, fearless alter ego and Fort McMurray’s reigning Queen. When Iceis puts on her makeup and dress, she instantly transforms into a woman of boundless courage. Iceis is a critically acclaimed recording artist, booking dates across the country, and was nominated at the 2014 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards, where she also performed. One person, one body, two very different identities. Massey runs the business while Iceis rules the night. It is a tough job juggling that much personality and Massey knows he has to make a choice; continue the double life, or choose to become Iceis forever. Hard questions for anyone, but balancing family and Indigenous tradition, while working in the male-dominated world of oil rigs, may be downright impossible.

Queen of the Oil Patch is a series about a man seeking happiness and acceptance. It’s about family, love, and compassion. It’s about community and courage. It is a series that will leave you feeling inspired.

Produced by Métis Director, Neil Grahn, Kelly McClughan, and Mark Miller, the concept was developed by Kah-Kitowak Films in partnership with APTN.