Comments and queries for the week of May 18

Which summer shows are you looking forward to?

The Amazing Race Canada. I’ve watched every season since the show started. I have never watched the U.S. version though. My summer schedule was Rookie Blue and of course The Amazing Race Canada. Now I’m down to one show to watch. —Robin

Baroness Von Sketch Show in great part because IFC shows it here in the States. Hopefully, IFC has learned by now what a Caesar is. —Chad


LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. As one of those “unruly” neighbours to the south, I’ve been watching for years. I love the recurring characters, especially Cyrus Lane’s Newsome boys. He makes me laugh so hard with a simple expression or gesture. I noticed his familiar face in a painting at the Newsome estate. Is it possible that Roger and Rupert resemble other relatives like Mother Newsome? Would love to see more of Lane next season especially portraying more than one character in an episode. Maybe a Henry and Ruth wedding episode where wedding preparations uncover a literal skeleton in the Newsome closet??? Just a thought. Thanks for bringing this wonderful series to the world for another season. —Joanie

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