Daily Planet cancelled at Discovery Canada

It’s the end of the road for Daily Planet. No more “High-Tech Toys Week,” no more “Shark Week,” no more daily science updates from hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin. Bell Media announced is has chosen not to renew the long-running Discovery series after 23 seasons.

“To our viewers, we will always love and appreciate the support you gave us every night at 7e/4p,” a tweet from the show’s Twitter page read on Wednesday afternoon. “From @ziyatong, @riskindan and the @dailyplanetshow family, thank you for watching.”


Co-host Ziya Tong followed up with her own message:


Co-host Dan Riskin also took to Twitter to say his goodbye:


“This programming change reflects the significant financial pressures Bell Media faces in a broadcasting industry defined by growing international competition, evolving viewing options, and an uncertain regulatory framework,” read a statement sent from Bell Media on Wednesday.

Debuting as @discovery.ca in 1995 with host Jay Ingram, the program was renamed Daily Planet in 2002. Ingram exited Daily Planet in 2011 after 16 years at the helm. Past hosts have included Judy Haladay, Gill Deacon, Natasha Stillwell and Valerie Pringle. The program captured a Canadian Screen Award in 2017 for Best News for Information Series.


49 thoughts on “Daily Planet cancelled at Discovery Canada”

  1. This is irresponsible. For many children and adults this is the only show that teaches them about our earth other planets and the other lives besides humans. Really sad. Cancel et. Who needs to know about Hollywood

    1. Agree with Pamela Calder!! We need more programs like Daily Planet. Please re-think this plan.

  2. Are you Mental?. Are you subscribing to the dumbing down of our society. Do you not see this is a bad decision? I watch this show with my Grandkids to inspire them!!!

  3. I am so sorry to see Daily Planet go. Why don’t you get rid of all these stupid reality shows and keep this show that is so mind expanding and informative. Shame on you Bell Media.

    1. I also feel the same as you. Now I will cancel all my services with Bell.
      Goodbye Bell.

  4. Hard to accept. The show has been a staple at my house for many years. Do hope Bell will reconsider.

  5. The reality is most of this information is available from YouTube channels which have become way more polished and professional in the past 5 years. It’s been at least 4 years since I watched Daily Planet and I was regular viewer back when Jay was the host. The number one science host today in Canada is Linus Sebastian who has a series of YouTube channels. His focus is primarily computers and tech devices but that overlaps with lot of what Daily Planet was covering.

    1. Ifyou have access to a computer then you tube is an option
      Many seniors ( and children) don’t have computer access and Daily Planet keeps us informed as technology moves forward
      Will miss Daily Planet

      1. Seniors? How old you talking? I know many people in their 70’s who use computers no problem(I’m 55 so not quite a senior but not a kid either). So really you’re talking 80 plus!! For them they could just get a Roku box-very cheap and really it’s no more complicated than a cable box, as matter of fact less so compared to the newest box from Shaw. (newest routers from Shaw are set it and forget about it, way more reliable than their cable boxes). There are even Roku TV’s. As for kids Daily Planet wasn’t targeted and young children anyway and once a kid is 10 they are using computers, tablets and smart phones like seasoned professionals. The world is moving on whether we like it or not.

  6. Maybe CBC could pick it up. Too bad Bell is trying to make us as dumb as the Americans. We are Canadians!

    1. “We are Canadians”. What on earth does that imply? If you knew anything, you would know that per capita we are among the least charitable people on earth. We are woefully under travelled, and maintain a garrison mentality as we compare ourselves to other nationalities. A smugness that is undeserved and ruinous. You mean those Canadians? You should get out more often before you spew hot gas.

      1. If you can supply references/links to your statements, that would go a long way to show your reply was nothing but ‘spewed hot gas’.

    2. Or maybe Netflix will pick it up and give it international distribution. Much better than being just available in Canada

  7. One of my favourite shows since season 1
    Very diverse and high quality
    Please reconsider as if you check ratings and see the feedback you WILL Change you mind
    Besides what else in its place A CBC Show! Or American

  8. It is a disappointment to lose one of the few educational shows on tv these days. I would happily say goodbye to those mind numbing reality shows that have taken over the networks. I don’t think it is life altering if some bride picks a particular dress, or if someone makes a better sword, or cooks a better meal.

  9. It is a disappointment to lose one of the few educational shows on tv these days. I would happily say goodbye to those mind numbing reality shows that have taken over the networks. I don’t think it is life altering if some bride picks a particular dress, or if someone makes a better sword, or cooks a better meal.

  10. One of the few shows that had some substance. Shame on you . No mire stupid reality shows.

  11. Way to go Bell. Cancel programs like daily planet and replace them with the likes of CSI and the x files that have no business on the discovery Channel. All the more reason to push me to cancel my tv subscription.

  12. Goodbye Daily Planet and hello 40 year old reruns of Star Trek movies. Discovery Channel? Not by a long shot.

  13. it is a sad day when there are so few informative shows of this type on tv. Media has been taken over
    by sex and violence which is the main topic on news channels today. we have sadley fallen into
    the cesspool of American media.

  14. Another bad decision by Bell Media. The only daily science program, one that keeps up with many things. Interesting and informative. We need more of these, not less.

  15. Bell Media doesn’t want to support one of my favourite shows, I think it’s time I cancel Bell, Bell Mobility, Bell Internet and Bell Fibe.

  16. Lost my job at this shameful company. Take a look at Bell’s profits. Such a joke. Greedy, poorly managed. Cancel your services with them and tell them why. Shame. Bell Let’s Talk is a shameful PR stunt and a tax write off. Shame on Bell and shame on CRTC for letting big corporations destroy our jobs and culture while making record profits!!! Seriously, check out their profits!

  17. This is absolutely terrible news!!! My 12 year old son has been watching with his friends for years and we watch with him. As a teacher and mother I am dumbfounded that you would cancel a show geared toward the most current science and technology innovation! This show inspires a new generation of creative problem solvers…exactly what we need! Please rethink!

  18. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
    This is such a fabulous show.
    It is a staple on our home and is my ten year olds ‘must watch’ program.

    I wish you would reconsider.
    Nothing compares.
    Very disappointing.

  19. very sad watched it every night very educational sad for our kids and seniors like me kept up to date seniors like me shame shame hope its not about motor cycles

  20. Another original program that kept us informed gone, is the ratings for reality worst driver, jade and crab catchers really higher???

  21. Daily planet was unique; there is nothing to replace it.. we are all poorer for it.

  22. Last night we saw that Daily Planet was not on, nor was it on tonight. What a surprise. But then again, not really! The only show that never had repeats, a new show every night, except when it was off in the summer. I guess it cost too much money!! Too bad we had to lose a very informative show that made sense. Thanks anyway, so sorry to see you go.

  23. Bell you just don’t get it. We are the customers. We want quality TV not some junk that people put no thought to. Daily Planet was educational and fun. Big mistake on your part. Thanks Daily Planet for all the work you did. You will be missed.

  24. As a science teacher, I would always talk about, refer or mention an episode to my students. I’m just flabbergasted about this very sad news.

    M. Forest

  25. This was about the only reason I was still watching regular TV (except for hockey) this was the only REALLY GOOD SHOW left on a Canadian Channel.
    Sad to see it go… Strange how this will help them if they are struggling with attracting advertisers using the current line-up of the crappy shows from the USA?

  26. I guess I can cancel my subscription to Discovery Channel now! Daily Planet was the only thing I watched on this channel. Sad to see it go!,,,

  27. I wouldn’t complain if Bell cancelled the Mystbusters, but Daily Planet is one of a very few worthwhile shows left watching! So incredible sad…

  28. Daily Planet, waited each day for this phenomenal show. One of the few shows that had ‘REAL’ content. Sadly had to stop watching, Why! very hard to actually hear the hosts’ dialogue hidden behind the overbearing music that was supposed to be in the background. Actually it wasn’t music just a sound track put together by some no talent wannabe DJ. Good bye Daily Planet. Hope there is a spin off.

  29. I’m never one to make comments on shows coming or going but I really feel this cancellation ‘is beyond the pale’. Most network programming is mindless garbage (IMHO). It my be what the public wants, but it is not what it needs. This is the Discovery Channel we are talking about people. Not the hair-doo network or the illegal liquor documentary channel. I don’t particularly care who is ‘doing’ whom in tinseltown. As the last poster said, I hope there’s a spin-off. I’ve been a fan since day one. I love the fact that it can (sorry – could) open up the minds of children, young adults and adults all at the same time. This was my ‘go-to’ PVR event. Now I guess I’m down to my last refuge (other thoughtful programming on PBS Wednesday evenings at 9:00). I subscribed to Discovery Channel (Canada – Bell Media) in my satellite channel package specifically to watch this show – perhaps I need to rethink this strategy.

  30. It is a sign of the times, money hungry corporations just looking for larger advertising dollars, willing to cancel a first class TV production that educates and inspires the young and old alike. Now they will fill the air waves with mind numbing reality shows. Well I think it is time to cut the cable; the last reason to have cable is no more.

  31. Very disappointed, the only show on television I watched on a regular basis. Poor Bell Media can’t support the only informative series on television. It must be a struggle trying to survive on millions of dollars a day profit. When is the CRTC going to put these guys in check. In Canada we pay more for these services than anyone else on earth. When I pay a good portion of my hard earned money I expect to get something useful in return.

  32. I grew up loving what will they think of next. Then along came daily planet and I looked forward to is so much so it was the only show I had set on the pvr. I thought we were on a summer break or something but I decided to see when it was coming back. Just found out it was canceled. I’m very sad today. It was such an adventure and it was real! Please bring it back.

  33. Iagree with ALL! Bell has been nothing but a pain in my rear and this show was the perfect relaxing thing my family of 6 had at the PERFECT time of evening. Great job Daily Planet cast, and sarcastically great job Bell and broadcasters.

  34. Bloody Idiotic Bell Media Management !!!!!!! Daily Planet was one of the Only Good TV shows available where one could watch relevant Non Violent television……..Bell media are very obviously Only concerned with Garbage programming and Reality Shit shows. We need to BOYCOTT Anything Bell !!!!!

  35. I am a 76 year old living in northern Canada. I have been watching Daily Planet since cable arrived in my residence many years ago and watching at midnight as a “cool down” to the day. I am extremely disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I suspect not much in the way of financing has been provided to the show as of late. I thought that Bell and other TV providers were supposed to bring a percentage of Canadian perspective to channels. So what is to replace it to provide that? Enough of US reality shows. Unfortunately all my telecommunications are provided by Bell subsidiaries and difficult to abandon.

  36. We have watched Daily Planet for 10 years and we will miss this intelligent , informative and entertaining science show. I never thought science could be so entertaining til I started watching. The hosts had a good rapport with each other and they presented complex concepts in such a easy enjoyable way. I am gobsmacked that Bell would pull this fabulous show!!!!!

  37. I too, was excitedly awaiting the Daily Planets “shark week” so I did a search on my tv for Daily Planet and it came back as “not found”, I thought it was a glitch. So I searched the Internet only to my horror found out about its cancellation! I could not believe it! Such an awesome show that wasn’t simple “science nerd show” it was funny, educational, and the type of show that appealed to all age groups. When I scroll through the TV guide to see what’s on and options are few and far between. I’m not a fan of watching shows about rich people living in Alaska looking like they are poor, finding monsters in the Alaska Triangle, people buck naked get rained on and mosquito bites to be “alone” and scared! Daily Planet was the one show I loved to watch and they cancelled it! It’s shameful that another network didn’t grab it the moment it was made available! Shame, Shame, Shame! Bring it back!

  38. I used to love Daily Planet but stopped watching it because of Ziya Tong’s tone of voice. I couldn’t stand listening to her talking to me like I was 6 years old!

  39. Disappointing but not really surprising. What we are witnessing is the death throes of profit based cable television. Media companies like Bell and so many others are prostituting themselves to the public’s lowest common denominator to generate viewers because it is cheap and easy to make programming like what we see now and they have to compete with internet based programming. Like flashing lights in a casino, it’s not about quality anymore, it’s just about making you look. Like “click bait” on the internet. They know you will leave, that is why ad time costs more at the beginning of a show because they already know most people are going to leave in the first 10 minutes. If we would like to preserve intelligent programming on television we need to support networks that don’t rely on maintaining profit margins. Unfortunately, that is only PBS, CPAC and sometimes CBC. Although CBC is fairly debatable also. Ultimately, we are all players in this game and if we want change we need to choose with our remotes and not watch junk tv. I work in the video production industry and all I can say is “Good luck people!”

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