Comments and queries for the week of June 1

InnerSpace was the only reason I had Space Channel at all. My kids and I used to turn on the TV just for this show. I’m gutted. It was the highlight of my day. And no, that is not a commentary on the quality of my days. —The Zleaguer

Well, I hate to see InnerSpace go. It’s been a part of my weekdays for ages now. Still, though, the writing’s been on the wall for quite a while. The budget cuts were obvious. I just wish Bell had shown a little more class. Would it have killed them to finish out the week and give the show a chance to say goodbye? —DMK

This is terrible, a real lack of knowing what the people enjoy watching in both cases Daily Planet and InnerSpace. It really shows the I.Q. of the people who made their mind up to cancel these two programs. —Jim

No kidding! The same thing with Daily Planet over on Discovery Channel. Both shows were simply cut off immediately. No respect for either the people working on the show or those of us who enjoyed watching them for all the years they were on. I have little interest in most of the reruns they now show on Space. At least change it up now and then and give us something different like Battlestar Galactica or maybe some Babylon 5. But no, it’s Star Trek over and over and over and over and over … with the occasional Andromeda tossed in, a series that only had one decent season and the never-ending recycling of Stargate. —Robert

Very sad! It’s the only talk show I watch. Keeps me up to date and in the know. I’m really going to miss seeing Teddy, AJ and Morgan every day – they are very entertaining. —Cathy

I dearly hope that they reverse the decision to cancel InnerSpace. I watched it every night like the news … the geek news. How will we find out all those things important to us in the geek community? Secondly, it now puts a good number of people on the unemployment line. I understand bottom lines but this is a hard pill to swallow. I wish everyone at InnerSpace good luck in their futures. Yet another reason why I’m not a Bell fan. —Darren


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