Comments and queries for the week of July 6

On Monday, July 2, Michael made a stuffed dessert with filo dough and he made them in half moon shape. I did not get the name but would like the recipe. Thanks. —Virginia

Hi Virginia. Here’s the link to the sweet half-moon pastries recipe Michael Bonacini made on a recent episode of Bonacini’s Italy. Enjoy!

I am a 76-year-old living in northern Canada. I have been watching Daily Planet since cable arrived at my residence many years ago and watching it at midnight as a “cool down” to the day. I am extremely disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I suspect not much in the way of financing has been provided to the show as of late. I thought that Bell and other TV providers were supposed to bring a percentage of Canadian perspective to channels. So what is to replace it to provide that? Enough of U.S. reality shows. Unfortunately, all my telecommunications are provided by Bell subsidiaries and difficult to abandon. —Richard

I agree with ALL! Bell has been nothing but a pain in my rear and this show was the perfect relaxing thing my family of six had at the PERFECT time of the evening. Great job Daily Planet cast, and—sarcastically—great job Bell and broadcasters. —Justin

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