Comments and queries for the week of July 13

Martina’s funny and a real underdog type [on The Amazing Race Canada]. Although I wonder if giving up her bag will come back to bite her. Maybe weight on a flight? The dance coach was sassy. Funny seeing multiple not even try it although it made things a bit lopsided. An interesting way to split up the Express Passes so one team doesn’t end up with all three like last year. Although they went to frontrunners of the pact anyway. I enjoyed seeing the cheerleaders hike like they were lost for a bit. Two episodes and no credit card action at the airports. Did BMO drop sponsorship this year? Knew it was probably non-elim when they played the heroic music in the ride up. The Starting Line was in B.C., and now an episode in B.C. What is up with the route planning on the show? Last year had weird circling back too. Right now the cheerleaders and cowgirls seem to be strongest. Although either of the teams with a Courtney could pull a dark horse win I feel. —DanAmazing

I thought Chewy and Happy would go farther than Episode 1 too. Was surprised they let Nancy and Mellisa off the gondola first (“Ladies first!”) as it is a race (??) but that just showed chivalry still exists even in competition. This run might be Heroes Edition but quite a few of the couples came off as just regular people who signed up for a physically challenging adventure, i.e., Martina and Phil during the log climb. I felt so sorry for them both but she did it. My arms and legs were feeling her pain watching it on TV. The food bank volunteers also came off as everyday people. Will be rooting for them too. As always, enjoy the scenery of this great country especially some of the places shown I will likely never have opportunity to go. —Tunie

Wow … just found out InnerSpace is gone! Might have to be Space channel GONE from my viewing. —Bruno

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