Links: Wynonna Earp, “When You Call My Name”

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Emily Andras talks “When You Call My Name”
It’s going to take awhile for this wound to heal. For the first time on Wynonna Earp, the team has lost one of its own. Continue reading.

Link: Tough times on Wynonna Earp still signal a very intriguing season to come 
And just like that the Wynonna Earp team is down one member. Unfortunately, it’s for good this time. Continue reading.

Link: Wynonna Earp stars on that huge loss and how the team moves on
“Unfortunately for Doc, he didn’t have too many friends other than maybe Wynonna.” Continue reading.

From Kaitlyn Thomas of TV Guide:

Link: Wynonna Earp star explains that sudden (but totally heroic) death 
Wynonna Earp is no stranger to death, what with all the revenants and monsters and weird Widows Clootie who’ve called the Ghost River Triangle home over the show’s first two seasons. But the ragtag group of badasses at the center of the beloved Syfy series have never had to confront the death of one of their own… until now. Continue reading.