Additional casting confirmed as Muse, Back Alley and Cineflix start production on CBC original drama Coroner

From a media release:

With production now underway in Toronto, Ontario, Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films and Cineflix Studios today revealed additional casting for new CBC original drama CORONER (8×60), set for a winter 2019 broadcast and streaming premiere on CBC, the CBC TV app and Inspired by the best-selling series of books by M. R. Hall and created by Morwyn Brebner (Saving Hope), the series centres on newly appointed coroner Jenny Cooper as she investigates suspicious deaths in Toronto.

CORONER stars Serinda Swan (Inhumans, Ballers) as Jenny Cooper, a brave, determined yet vulnerable coroner, former ER doctor, and recently widowed mother, driven by an intense desire for the truth. She loves her son more than life itself and strives to support him while also trying to take care of herself. The passing of Jenny’s beloved husband has unlocked a primal connection to death, tied to a secret in her past that is only now coming to the surface.  With storylines based on real-life cases, Jenny is a coroner for our time, an advocate for the dead even when it’s inconvenient for the living, and a defender of those who are powerless or in peril.

Joining the series are Roger Cross (The X-Files) as Donovan “Mac” McAvoy, a police detective who partners with Jenny; Éric Bruneau (Blue Moon) as Liam, Jenny’s new neighbour; and Ehren Kassam (DeGrassi: Next Class) as Ross, Jenny’s 17-year-old son. Also joining the cast are Tamara Podemski (Rabbit Fall) as Alison Trent, Jenny’s eccentric colleague; Allison Chung (UnReal) as Taylor Kim, a smart, junior homicide detective; Lovell Adams-Gray (Second Jen) as Dr. Dwayne Allen, an idealistic young pathologist; and Saad Siddiqui (Madame Secretary) as Dr. Neil Sharma, Jenny’s insightful psychiatrist.

A CBC original series, CORONER is produced by Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films and Cineflix Studios. Morwyn Brebner is creator, executive producer and showrunner, Adrienne Mitchell (Durham County, Bellevue) is lead director and executive producer for Back Alley Films, Jonas Prupas is executive producer for Muse Entertainment with Peter Emerson and Brett Burlock executive producers for Cineflix Studios. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Programming; Helen Asimakis is Senior Director, Scripted Content; and Sarah Adams is Executive in Charge of Production. Cineflix Rights has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to CORONER.


One thought on “Additional casting confirmed as Muse, Back Alley and Cineflix start production on CBC original drama Coroner”

  1. Sounds kind of intriguing, I’ll try to watch it. I just wish that more Canadian TV shows would get out of Toronto and showcase the rest of Canada. There’s more to Canada than Ontario and Quebec! C’mon!
    If this show was filmed and set in Edmonton, for example– you know I would very passionately watch it!
    However, instead of being enthused for a new Canadian series, my reaction is “Ugh. Another ‘Toronto’ show.” It’s like if Hollywood only made TV and movies about L.A. Not that that’s a bad thing, but audiences outside of L.A. get very tired of L.A. There’s a lot of discussion happening around the idea of ‘diversity’ in Canadian entertainment, and I’m happy to hear about it. However, a lot of this discussion is around people and identity. True, white men have been “at the controls” for a long time now, and it’s good to hear stories and POV from women and people of color, and LGBTQ, but when will the discussion move to ‘regional’ diversity? Say that there are 3 major production centres in Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Well, there’s an awful lot of land between Vancouver and Toronto, and lots of land east of Montreal and let’s not forget our territories to the North!! Maybe I’m just ahead of the industry in terms of looking beyond “human” diversity, or maybe I need to phrase it in marketing terminology like, “regional identity”– I mean I would love to see diversity in that! To shatter stereotypes and to more deeply explore regions… as an Albertan (living in BC mind you) I don’t see diversity in terms of Alberta’s on-screen representation. I have this impression that for everyone else, Alberta is just a watered down Canadian Texas. But it’s not. Alberta isn’t all ranch and oil country. Go to Edmonton– walk down Jasper Avenue. Walk along Whyte Avenue. Go to the museums. Go to the Art Gallery! Go to…. West Edmonton Mall. You’ll see a very metropolitan city. Very urban, very hip. Very current. You might even see Edmonton in transition– growing into a World-Class city full of young up and comers! With a great diversity of ethnic backgrounds! And I bet you the same is happening in Saskatchewan! (I haven’t looked into that yet….) But on a different level, that’s what made Corner Gas (and Corner Gas Animated) so successful– that it wasn’t from “Toronto”– that it dared to show a different part of Canada; a rural side of Canada, which isn’t always featured. So what Canada needs is its own entertainment industry that’s willing to show the entire country to itself and the world!

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