Comments and queries for the week of August 24

I was just told that there is a three-day special airing on September 13, at 7 p.m. It is about taking people to the reserve and educating them on cultural genocide, racism and what it is like to grow up on the reserve. Is this information correct? If it is can you tell me what are the three days it is being aired and what is the special called? —Irene

The three-day special is called First Contact. Narrated by George Stroumboulopoulos, First Contact takes six Canadians—all with strong opinions about Indigenous people—on a unique 28-day exploration of Indigenous Canada. It debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. ET, and continues on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and on Thursday, Sept. 13. You can find more details here.

Hey, will you be showing Diggstown in the USA? Or will it just be shown in Canada? —Kimberly

No U.S. broadcast information has been revealed yet, but we’ll let you know when it does.

A good episode [of The Amazing Race Canada]. Brawn with the potatoes, brains with the word scramble and navigation/luck with Eckhart … who should be the mascot of our Race like the U.S. has the gnome. Live animals can be unpredictable, but still a bit surprising everyone went to the planting task. Leanne’s fall was tough, especially since it seemed like a simple clue to find and it cost them the Race. The Speed Bump was good for the episode if not really a challenge. No dance task; there goes the theory about the memory task at the end. —DanAmazing

All evenly matched teams now. The only way Martina and Phil may win is if they have a strong lead in time over the others. Martina has not been able to run as fast as the other Racers when it has come down to racing to the mat. She definitely wins the prize if there was one for being the most entertaining and comedic Racer. Cheering for all the teams left, like them all equally. —Tunie

It is Sunday, Aug. 19, and I also just found out about InnerSpace being cancelled. This is too bad. I do suspect that Bell Media will also be cancelling Space in the near future like they have so many other channels. The [cable] rates keep going up and the channels keep disappearing. Bell Media holds a monopoly on what can be watched in Canada but it better be careful because monopolies are based on subscriptions and people are getting tired of their crap. Hopefully the hosts of InnerSpace will find better work than at Bell Media. To Bell Media I say beware there are other places to go these days. The lines are now opened and the boxes are slowly taking over. —Evil

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  1. sorry for my ignorance but how to subscribe and then can i get it on my television set ? i just never have done this.

  2. I to seem ignorant as to what channel this is playing on…TV. and..can I have a link on-line as I work..and will be missing some of these episodes …but…this is a very interesting topic and am wanting to see the three show very much.

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