Comments and queries for the week of September 28

Not going to watch [Anne with an E] this season. They are making stuff up that was never in the book. Of course, the story isn’t culturally diverse—it was published during the Edwardian era! This isn’t cable, and it’s not Breaking Bad. Not sure why they can’t just adapt the books as is. And this series is way less Canadian than the Kevin Sullivan productions. Just my 2 cents. —Sara

I used to have a closed-minded viewpoint like Sara’s opinion (above) but I’ve changed. Now, I understand the reasoning to show more diversity and social awareness in adaptations like this with the dated source material. I’m still a big fan of the books, and just because the show diverts from the book canon to inject some social awareness (that was lacking during the time the books were was written), does not mean the books are diminished in any way. It’s an adaptation on a piece of fiction that reflects our society’s evolution and how we see our past as it REALLY was and not LMMs limited view. She lived and wrote in a time where she was probably never surrounded by any diversity. So of course, with no experience, she would have no awareness to include it in her books. But we now know there were people of colour in Canada. LGBTQ did exist back then. So why not show it? AOGG is not a history book. It’s a work of fiction that should be allowed to grow with the times. Also, I do like how we are getting to know the secondary characters lives more. Since it’s an adaptation of the books I think it’s good to see beyond just Anne and her perspective. Marilla, Matthew and Gilbert are fascinating characters all on their own! I want to know more about them. I think it’s essential to show why Gilbert is such a perfect match for Anne. We never did get to know him deeply in the books and now we get that opportunity. I do hope, however, the show sticks to the books general outline and hit all the key moments in Anne’s life. Matthew dying is one of them. Anne going to university is another. Roy, Christine, all of that angsty goodness is essential to Anne’s development and I hope we get to see it all. Maybe not Dora and Davy. They were just annoying in the books. Haha! —Amy

OMG! Thank you so much Moira Walley-Beckett and I am so proud of the cast Anne with an E Season 2. As a Canadian, I love the diversity Moira brought to the show. I can’t wait to watch newcomers especially “Bash” played by Dalmar Abuzeid. Can’t wait to watch it on Sunday, yay!! —Vivian

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