Canada’s Worst Driver buckles up and hits the road for Season 14, Oct. 29

From a media release:

The country’s most dreadful drivers buckle up for a ride on the road to redemption in Season 14 of Discovery’s longest-running series CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT, beginning Oct. 29. Led by returning host and Discovery mainstay Andrew Younghusband, the hit series features seven drivers – each nominated by a friend or family member – as they attempt to prove they possess the necessary skills to graduate from rehab and escape the unfortunate title of “Canada’s Worst Driver.” The all-new season premieres during the network’s nationwide free preview, available Oct. 4 – Nov. 1 through participating TV service providers across Canada.

Hauled off Canada’s highways from Victoria to Saint John, N.B., these reckless drivers head to the Driver Rehabilitation Centre in Dunnville, Ont. where they are stripped of their car keys and driver’s license. Each episode features the tried-and-tested challenges viewers have come to love, each designed to push the drivers to their limits and teach them crucial safe driving skills – all with an eye to eliminate driver distraction.

With the introduction of smartphones, online navigation, and self-driving vehicles, driving schools have refreshed their teaching methods, and the Driver Rehabilitation Centre is no exception. In a first for CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, Season 14 sees Younghusband examine driving’s technological revolution and its influence on automotive trends and safety, focusing on everything from back-up cameras to cell phone usage behind the wheel.

Joining Younghusband once again this season are the show’s merciless team of driving experts including CP24’s Cam Woolley, traffic expert and former OPP sergeant; professional high-performance driving instructor Philippe Létourneau; expert driving instructor Tim Danter; and registered psychotherapist Shyamala Kiru.

Last season, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER drove major audiences across Canada to Discovery. Final data from Numeris for the 2017/18 broadcast year confirms that CANADA’S WORST DRIVER continues to be the most-watched entertainment specialty program during its 10 p.m. ET timeslot among total viewers and the key A25-54 and A18-49 demos. Additionally, the series ranked as a Top 5 series on Discovery among total viewers and A25-54 and A18-49.


5 thoughts on “Canada’s Worst Driver buckles up and hits the road for Season 14, Oct. 29”

  1. No joke, this show makes me a better driver, and Andrew Younghusband is a national treasure and one day will get the Order of Canada 🍁

  2. The drama factor appears to be full blown and we are only 30 minutes in.

    Crystal’s ridiculous dramatic behaviour last season garnered more viewers. People just love a trainwreck so now EVERY driver they chose appears to be one.

    It’s not a good thing.

  3. I really enjoy this show and have learned from it myself. However, I really feel that some of these people should not only have their licences revoked but they should be criminally charged with public endangerment.

    1. Please tell me that these possible murderers are never allowed to drive on the road. None of these drivers should be allowed to drive, ever. The commercials for this show are sickening enough much less watch any episodes. The thought that these people exist and are willing to show how dangerous they are is mind boggling.

  4. On the show one of the ladies says she wants to stay to learn more skills, Well the problem with that statement is none of the people on this show have any skills!!! These people were never taught how to drive. I have driven for over 30 years, yes I do speed on occasion but I have had only 2 speeding tickets in that time and 0 accidents. I have even attained my class 1 permit and the way the people were shown to back up I disagree with. I use only my side mirrors (as in a truck) I don’t use fancy cameras as they distract me from my focus of driving. Lastly Darrius is faking! When his mom said she want him to stay cause she doesn’t want him to get hurt Darrius did an eyebrow shrug, that says, whatever!! Bottom line teach people to drive, do a better job of showing the skills and not just throwing obstacle at them……

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