Comments and queries for the week of October 12

On Murdoch Mysteries, I reckon that George Crabtree should have gotten married instead of getting dumped all the time. And all the girls he has been dating should wake up themselves because he is the sweetest and the on the show. —Suzanne

A small detail that perhaps most people would not notice: just like in Julia and William’s wedding, the wedding march was all wrong. When the bride goes down the isle it should be “Here comes the Bride” and not Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” that is played at the end of the ceremony. If there is ever another wedding of importance, it should be corrected. Detail, yes but it is important to get such details right. —Noele

I truly did love all the costumes but the oly thing I have some reservations about is that I find Dr. Ogden’s apparel has rather been on the darker side, especially the one at the wedding. It kind of stunned me actually. It almost looked as though she was planning to attend a funeral instead. What it did was made us think that she was still mourning her miscarriage even though her sense of being is more hopeful and happy. Just an opinion, I guess. —Liz

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