Comments and queries for the week of October 19

The heck with Mighty Trains, bring back InnerSpace! And while we’re at it, bring Daily Planet and dump the trains entirely. —SilverSurfer

Regarding the darkness of Julia’s costume at the wedding, I hadn’t realized how dark the processing of the end product would be on various screens. In reality, the dress is navy shot with purple. I was trying to make her more sophisticated and more modern than the rest of the characters. I regret it came up so dark on many people’s monitors though it really was stunning on her. —Joanna Syrokomla, Murdoch Mysteries costume designer

[The Murders] sounds like it has potential but why isn’t a female cop show written by a woman? I know we’re always a few years behind the U.S. but you’d think with everything going on in the world we’d want to push women creators to tell women’s stories. —Marisar


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