Comments and queries for the week of November 2

I really enjoyed the episode [of Murdoch Mysteries] because I knew it was going to be a standalone episode. How is it that people can say, ‘I have been a big fan and I look forward to this show every week,’ and yet not pay any attention to the fact that the Halloween episode was advertised weeks in advance on this very page? One weird episode and you’re considering throwing in the towel? The episode was brilliantly bonkers and I enjoyed all 45 minutes! The writers and producers decide what the series is about, not the audience. I have noticed over the past few seasons that the episodes have mostly gotten lighter in tone (not necessarily in theme or content) than they were back in the first couple of seasons. I think that only makes it better when they go for a very dark episode because it throws a curveball at us. —Katia

I’ll just take it as the one-off. Please do not make any more episodes that have no ending, or give a warning that it is a special, standalone episode!! Grrr. —Hopefully Not Ex-Fan

This was a great episode! An homage, IMO, to the classic sci-fi thriller Invasion of the Body Snatchers and original book The Body Snatchers. It was hilarious and a little suspenseful—I love it when MM goes a bit out of character and plays it up. —MM

Always loved this show but this episode is not what the series is about. IT’S NOT STAR TREK. GET BACK TO WRITING WHAT MADE THIS SHOW GREAT … SOME REALITY. —Deborah

This was the stupidest episode. My husband said he may give up watching. I would much rather have an Xmas show. The one last year was horrible too though. —Liz

Murdoch Mysteries has lost its way. This episode was was just nonsense. Can we get back to basics and just star Murdoch and Station House 4 solving mysteries? —Harvey

I thought it was a great episode! It was fun and it was funny. It’s wonderful to see these actors who are normally very serious in the roles they play have fun playing a different role. I especially loved the special effects where the bug comes out of their mouths! Creepy! But fun! But, I am looking forward to things back to normal. Keep up the good work! —Joy

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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of November 2”

  1. I guess some people go into the same restaurant and order the same thing every time. Boring! Thought the Halloween episode was hilarious, loved the up in the air ending, like chose your own adventure. I’m sure the actors and writers had a blast. You need a little change up after 12 years on the job. This was advertised as a stand alone well in advance. And they knew they’d get blowback but did it anyway. Bravo.

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