Comments and queries for the week of November 16

Wow, people need to relax a little, so [Murdoch Mysteries] had a little fun and did a one-off episode that was a standalone and not part of the Murdoch Mysteries continuity/canon. The horror. I mean seriously, if you didn’t like it, then that’s fine (though I feel a little bad for you as it was clever, fun, and exciting). But to accuse the writers of being lazy because they didn’t tie it up to the storyline … I suggest you get over yourselves a little and let the writers who have delivered a consistently fun and entertaining show have a little fun of their own with this. Lots of shows have done Halloween themed episodes that don’t have any bearing on the main story. And those of you who can’t get past that miss the fact that they did it damn well. Solid nods to classic horror/sci-fi and still utilizing the charisma and solid acting chops of all the main cast. If you can’t get over yourselves long enough to have a little fun and indulge in a Halloween episode, then just skip it and move right on to the next episode. But don’t take it out on the writers. It’s not them, it’s you. —Alex

I loved this one. It was very funny and spoofed so many vintage horror/sci-fi movies. I especially loved when alien-Murdoch tried to laugh. It reminded me of the time Wednesday Addams tried to smile. I know I sound sadistic, but I also enjoyed Julia’s horror when she realized that she had killed her husband because she had listened to George Crabtree!! And Murdoch’s repeated demands for “romance”! I too was expecting someone to wake up at the end. But I don’t understand why so many fans are angry because the show did the unexpected instead. Those who claim the episode had no ending are wrong. As in the original ending to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the ending is that the aliens succeed in taking over the Earth. Once I realized that WAS the ending, I realized it was a standalone Halloween episode. I LOVE Halloween episodes. I was pretty sure there would be no references to the incidents in this episode the following week. Though I did need to check that things really did go back to normal the next week. —Clare


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  1. People are still on about this? I didn’t like it but not going to complain about it.
    If you want a show that used to do really good Halloween episodes – Roseanne.

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