Comments and queries for the week of November 23

Please tell me that these possible murderers [on Canada’s Worst Driver] are never allowed to drive on the road. None of these drivers should be allowed to drive, ever. The commercials for this show are sickening enough, much less any episodes. The thought that these people exist and are willing to show how dangerous they are is mind-boggling. —B. Stanford

The Bob Sher [Murdoch Mysteries] piece was so interesting or, as Julia would say, fascinating! I especially enjoyed the info about covering parking meters, road lines and the colour palettes! Thanks for sharing!! —Linda

Can this dreadful website just get it over with and rename itself the “Murdoch Mysteries Fan-page?” Seriously, is this even journalism, or just nonsensical interviews about the aforementioned, and the less impressive Frankie Drake Mysteries (which would be taking no great stretch to rename itself “The Great Missed Opportunity.”) Honestly, this website really needs to start pulling its punches and discussing other Canadian TV shows, or at the very least looking at the ones it does under a more critical lens, lest it fall even further into sycophantic drivel that is already is! Shame! —Gary

Hey Gary, thanks for your comment. We’ll be covering a bunch of new and returning shows next month and in January. Look for Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, Burden of Truth, Frontier and Travelers, just to name a few. We recently covered the first season of Bletchley Circle and Season 2 of Bad Blood. You’re not a fan of Murdoch and Frankie Drake, but a lot of folks are and come to this site to get exclusive interviews and information on both. —GD

I’m hoping the success of Bad Blood will be a wake-up call to Citytv to not keep showing the American schlock on their station, and to invest in Canadian content more often. Our stories are great, our talent is amazing. Let’s continue to show the world who we are. —Mel

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  1. Apparently Gary doesn’t like Canadian TV so why is he bothering to read a website about Canadian shows? I wouldn’t have been so polite.

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