Comments and queries for the week of November 30

What’s next [on Murdoch Mysteries]? Will all the usual gang have their own ‘one-man show’ specials? Will Crabtree have to go back to his hometown and run his aunty’s business? Will Higgins have to set up a new money-making scheme with his wife to replace her lost fortune? After 12 years, there mustn’t be many fresh crime tales to tell. —Andrew

What happened to the promise of a Murdoch-Ogden crime-solving team? By the wayside now? I have always loved the other characters as part of the ensemble working around the power couple of Murdoch and Ogden, but not, as Andrew puts it, as a ‘one-man show’ each. Ogden did not even put in an appearance in this one. I always liked Brackenreid but not to the point of caring to learn about his past (same as for Watts). Not much of an incentive to continue watching the show if such a trend is the way it is going. Hélène Joy is a talented actress I’m sure she can do better than just having her name shown in the credits. —Noele

Noele, I missed Julia too, but if the ensemble; William, Julia, Brack and George (don’t consider anyone else a part of the main group) each gets a show about their backstory, I’d love to see it. I want to know more about every one of them, when they were kids, their parents, their love life, work, relationships (all kinds). With 11 years worth of storylines, there’s so much character history the writer’s can explore. I like the mystery part of MM, but I love the character-driven part even more. So, as much as I missed seeing Julia, I’m so excited to see what her episode or ‘secret/lie’ will be. And what I’d love to see even more is William and Julia’s shared past explored, even going back to earlier seasons. Season 2: What did William say to Julia in the hot air balloon ride? Season 6: At the Queens Hotel, what did they talk about, or do after playing dominoes? To me, that’s be really interesting! —Crystal

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  1. I think it’s selfish of viewers to expect the same product in every episode of any show. Creative people feel boxed in when they can’t follow their instincts. I like the profile stories of Watts and Brackenreid for the depth and enrichment of the characters, for the stretching of the writers’ imagInations, for the challenge to the actors. Doing the same thing with minor variations and over is BORING. For them and for me. One reason I’m such a fan of MM is their all-over-the-place unpredictability. Obviously this fluidity works for most of us since MM is on its 12th season with only a few changes to cast. They’re happy, let them do their thing.

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