Links: Coroner, Season 1

From Charles Trapunski of Brief Take:

Link: Interview: Coroner’s Serinda Swan and Roger Cross
“I had to chance that a character that’s older than me and see how that works. But I think that all of that is why the show feels lived in, and why it feels different and moody and filmy, is because it’s human, it’s a very human show.” Continue reading.

From Dana Gee of Postmedia:

Link: Vancouver’s Cross returns to TV with CBC’s Coroner
“McAvoy is a complicated man. He’s great at his job, but his personal life needs work. He has been on the job a long time, and as is apt to happen, he becomes a bit jaded. He has been married a few times, and his current relationship isn’t the healthiest. But he’s a very just and fair man and reads people very well.” Continue reading. 

From Chloe Grant of Beyond Fashion:

Link: Serinda Swan on ‘Coroner’: “It Was Definitely a Character Piece for Me When I Read It and That’s What I’ve Been Looking for”
“I put on almost 10 pounds for her. I kept cutting my hair all weird, like ‘how would she have cut her hair?’ It’s not stylish, it’s not something for fashion, it’s utilitarian.” Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Coroner: 6 Things to know about CBC’s New Drama
While the main protagonist in many crime procedurals seem to have a special gift that gives them an almost inhuman ability to solve crimes, Coroner’s lead, Dr. Jenny Cooper, isn’t that at all. Continue reading. 

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen:

Link: Coroner stars Serinda Swan and Roger Cross discuss their new series
“Jenny makes a lot of interesting choices that on the surface aren’t necessarily likeable, but you like her because she’s messy, imbalanced and human. A lot of the time, women have been accessories for a very complete male character as opposed to a very complete female character.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Coroner: Morwyn Brebner and Adrienne Mitchell talk “Black Dog”
“At Back Alley we were looking for a property that we could option centered around a female, but also be very character-driven and have an investigational line to it. We found the book series called The Coroner by M.R. Hall and loved the character.” Continue reading.

From Michael Pickard of Drama Quarterly:

Link: Speaking for the dead
“The hardest thing in the world is for a show not to feel like something you’ve seen before. This show does feel like something we haven’t seen before, and I feel very proud of that. There’s something about it that feels new; the cast is incredibly fresh and I feel that, if people watch it, they will feel the same.” Continue reading. 

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Link: Morwyn Brebner and Adrienne Mitchell talk CBC’s Coroner
“Jenny was really intelligent, full of fierceness, and also boundary-pushing in a way that consequences would befall her and she would always get up fighting. She was dealing with anxiety and all sorts of personal issues; she was also aware of her pitfalls and had a humorous take on herself. We loved her.” Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Coroner’s Serinda Swan on the importance of portraying Jenny’s struggles on screen
“There’s about a minute and a half panic attack in one episode that’s raw, uncut and awesome to watch. It’s what it is, and you see her pick up the phone and talk to her colleagues while pretending she’s fine.” Continue reading.