Comments and queries for the week of January 11

I really enjoyed the Brackenreid-centred episode, as Mr. Craig may be the most talented actor on the program. As much as I enjoy the standard crime-solving episodes, it pains me greatly to admit that they have run out of ideas for Julia Ogden. This isn’t the fault of the actress, but rather the indifference in her scripts from the earlier seasons. Have you ever gone back to do a re-watch of the older seasons? I never noticed before, but Julia can be downright insufferable in her flip-flopping between modern career woman and clueless waif cowering behind William. They rectified this greatly in later seasons, but by then, much of the creativity present in early seasons had already been spent. Most egregious in this schizophrenic Ogden plotting is the two-parter of “Crimes and Punishment.” Julia spends an entire episode cluelessly believing nothing is wrong, resulting even in William having a “wake up and see the risk you are in” moment with her. Still, she sallies forward with odd smiles and aloof commentary, until she finally wakes up as the judge sentences her to death. Her reaction? “Oh William, do something!” So yes, more Brackenreid. More serious plotting of adult storylines, and not saccharine teenager moralizing. Three cheers for the writers of “Secrets and Lies.” —Sarah

What do I think of this episode? Same feeling I had since the focus seemed to have shifted to characters like Watts and Brakenreid, big disappointment. And this episode is right up there. I don’t know where the series is headed but I am losing interest big time. Of course, Murdoch is always front and centre … with Crabtree. Perhaps they should be portrayed as the power couple because Julia is certainly no longer part of it. Building a dishwasher for Julia, really? Are the writers transforming her into a homemaker, something in my opinion and imagination she will never be and I don’t want to watch episodes where Murdoch is bent on making her into someone she was never raised to be, unlike Margaret Brakenreid. That’s not even funny. What the creators of the show should do is give them employees (i.e. servants) that they certainly can afford. Julia has always been portrayed as a career professional, up until now. Tending to patients in a hospital? After having been a coroner and a psychiatrist, and helping Murdoch solve his crimes. Now the writers, showrunners are changing their mind. A surgeon? Showing her “operating” cannot hold the same fascination for viewers as what she was doing in the morgue and the asylum. This is not a medical show. Unless it is the wish of the actress herself, and if so, perhaps she should lend her talents to another show worthy of them. Yes, for this fan the disappointment is huge and it is also the end of the line. I don’t want to see episodes where Julia is relegated to a very minor and secondary role. Realizing that it is impossible to please everybody, I have seen enough of that this season already. I remember Hélène saying early on in the series that ‘someone’ wanted to eliminate her character. Perhaps this is finally and sadly happening … however gradually. —Noele

When I saw the episode only about Brackenreid, I was OK with it. But I could’ve done without the Watts episode. I do like his character, but not enough for an entire episode. I’m also noticing that William and Julia are slowly becoming secondary characters and I really don’t like that. THEY are the show! But I’m going to wait and see if there’s a William only show and a Julia only show as well. If so, I’ll be very interested to see them. I’m just not into the Ruth and Henry story lines at all. I like hearing about them in passing, but not actually a part of the show. And now, Ruth’s going to be at the hospital with Julia! Also, Dan Trotta joked about Brackenreid getting pregnant. It will really make me upset if Margaret ends up pregnant, and not Julia. I hope Julia’s “secret” is that she’s pregnant, and is afraid to tell William, because of the miscarriage. I want Violet to show her true colors and then be escorted out of the morgue. I also want MORE William and Julia scenes like in the first half of S12. —CD

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  1. This Brackenreid episode seems silly, having him leave his esteemed position, to do what, join a bunch of wandering bums? Of coarse his wife ,would dump him, because of a privious relationship, before he met her.The writers need an expanded staff to add idea’s & maybe prevent these off the wall episodes. Stick to solving crimes.Irritating Ruth, looking for a job & discovering a hidden talent was comical. Yes return Julia to her coroner position/assisting Murdoch/Crabtree solving crime. Plus helping hospital patients,nurses,doctors,without being a not believable surgeon. Maybe Watt’s/ Henry form their own detective agency.

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