Links: Pure, Season 1

From Lauren Sarner of the New York Post:

Link: Drug-dealing Mennonites take center stage in ‘Pure’
Grizzled men trafficking drugs is hardly a new TV trope — think “Breaking Bad” or “Narcos.” But the twist for “Pure” is a doozy: drug-trafficking Mennonites.

The new WGN America series follows a drug ring in the unlikely setting of a community of Canadian Mennonites, a strict religious sect with a low-tech lifestyle similar to the Amish. Continue reading.

From George Dickie Gracenote of the Daily Herald:

Link: Mennonites get pulled into drug smuggling in WGN America drama ‘Pure’
We often think of Mennonites as devoutly religious people who live simple lives free from the less-desirable aspects of modern existence. But a series premiering on WGN America shows that they, too, are not immune to the horrors of the 21st century. Continue reading.

From Meaghan Darwish of TV Insider:

Link: WGN America’s ‘Pure’ is inspired by the real-life Mennonite Mob
Looking for your next drug-centric binge? Want a show that’s a mix between AMC’s Breaking Bad and Cinemax’s Banshee? WGN America’s PURE may just be the fix you’re looking for. Continue reading.

From Dale McGarrigle of TV Fanatic:

Link: Pure’s Ryan Robbins Q & A: His Crusading Pastor, a Menacing Mob and his Spunky Little Drama
“I became really fascinated by the whole Anabaptist movement, and the lifestyle, that very simple off-grid lifestyle that many Mennonite communities practice.” Continue reading. 

From Dale McGarrigle of TV Fanatic:

Link: Pure’s A.J. Buckley Q & A: His Broken-Down Cop, Infiltrating the Mob, and His Entrancing Imported Drama
“I hadn’t really played a character like this before, so I called my agent back and let him know I was interested. Then I had a call with the director and the showrunner and that was kind of it. Bronco was born.” Continue reading.