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Jann: Zoie Palmer on Max and Jann’s “very cool sister dynamic”

Zoie Palmer has well over 100,000 Twitter followers that she interacts with on a regular basis, but back in 2015, she picked up one particular follower who wanted to cast her on a TV show she was developing: Jann Arden.

“Yeah, we met on Twitter of all places, and she talked about me being on the show,” Palmer says. “She’s funny as heck, and she’d been watching a show I did, and I’ve been watching her career forever. We just got on like a house on fire, it was just a natural thing.”

Their online friendship led to Palmer being cast as Max, the fictional sister of fictional Jann Arden, in the CTV comedy Jann. As the series begins, Max finds out she’s pregnant with her fourth child—despite her husband Dave’s (Patrick Gilmore) recent vasectomy—and is well over being the responsible sister who cares for their mum Nora (Deborah Grover) while Jann freely pursues her music career.

But even though Palmer says the siblings “may not know each other” if they weren’t related, she also says that they need each other.

“They bring a lot to each other,” says Palmer. “And because they’re so different, the comedy of that is endless.”

Max and Jann’s complicated, hilarious, and ultimately loving relationship is on full display in Wednesday’s new episode, “Major Party Foul,” as Jann takes over planning Nora’s 75th birthday party from Max.

We spoke to Palmer, who will also be appearing in the upcoming second season of Pure, during a visit to Jann‘s set last fall to learn more about Max and her experience working on the show.

Jann is quite a change of pace from your recent work on Dark Matter, Pure and Wynonna Earp.  Have you found it fun to work on a comedy?
Zoie Palmer: I love it. You know, Dark Matter was amazing, I loved it, it was a great three years. But then when things are over as an artist, the best thing that can happen is that you do something that is nothing like the thing you just did. That’s how I want to make my career, to go from totally unrelated thing to totally unrelated thing.

You play Jann’s sister Max on the show. They seem very different from each other. 
ZP: Jann has no kids and a music career, and Max has three kids and is pregnant, so their lives are very different from one another. And I don’t know if these two people would know each other if they weren’t sisters, you know what I mean? They’re really different. But it’s incredibly complementary and they kind of lean on each other in a weird way. Like, Jann brings to the table what Max doesn’t and Max absolutely brings to the table what Jann needs a lot of the time. So it’s a very cool sister dynamic. I think a lot of siblings have this thing where they think, ‘I don’t know if I’d know my sister or brother if we weren’t actually growing up in the same household,’ and I think it’s the case for these two, but it’s very cool that they are. They bring a lot to each other, and because they’re so different, the comedy of that is endless.

Jann has mentioned how nervous she was about acting in this series. Have you been helping her out at all on set?
ZP: There are technical things, like jargon on set where she might ask, ‘What does it mean when they say this or that?’ But overall really, because she presents such an honesty in her life, she really is an authentic person. The Jann that you saw [during the set visit], the Jann that we see on set is the same Jann that is in the kitchen making coffee. That’s her. I think the reason why that lends itself so well to acting is that she’s able to very easily tap into a real moment, which you need so much as an actor. So she kind of comes by that side of acting quite naturally. She’s pretty real, and she doesn’t have many moments that are not real.

Besides Jann herself, what do you think viewers will enjoy most about the show?
ZP: I think people are going to see their own family on TV in a lot of ways. Because this show presents all of those dynamics: the disagreements, the uncomfortable moments, the love. You know, I have one sister, and my mother used to say, ‘You have to be there for each other. You only have each other.’ I heard it over and over. It was a mantra in our house. So, I think it will be relatable.

You’ve been working all over Canada the last several months, shooting Pure in Halifax and filming Wynonna Earp and Jann in Calgary. Are getting homesick for Toronto at all? 
ZP: I’ve been travelling since May, but I love what I do and I love being in new places and, for me, it’s like a dream. It’s what I wanted to do since I was a kid, was this, so I love it. But, yeah, I have my things I like, my shower I like, and my park that I like to walk in. All the things you have at your house that you want.

Jann airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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Super Channel announces premiere date for Season 2 of Pure

From a media release:

Super Channel is pleased to announce that it has set a premiere date for the highly anticipated second season of the critically acclaimed Canadian Mennonite drug drama, Pure. The dramatic saga of Noah Funk’s double life will return on Tuesday, May 28 at 10 p.m. ET exclusively in Canada on Super Channel Fuse. Each episode will also be available on Super Channel On Demand, the day following its linear broadcast premiere. Subscribers can also catch up on all the drama of season one of Pure, available now on Super Channel on Demand.

The six-episode sophomore season of the Super Channel original production, which was shot on location in Nova Scotia, stars Canadians Ryan Robbins (ArrowThe Killing) and Alex Paxton-Beesley (The StrainMurdoch Mysteries), with Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your MotherAmerican PieBuffy the Vampire Slayer) joining the cast as a recurring guest star.

Season two picks up with Anna Funk (Paxton-Beesley) going it alone after Noah (Robbins) disappeared for a year. In an attempt to shield her children from the family’s involvement with the drug cartel, Anna finds herself in the very center of the drug ring she and Noah attempted to take down.

The series takes us deep inside a closed, secretive subculture through the eyes of a conflicted, good-hearted man trying to protect his family and preserve his faith.  Inspired by true events, Pure is the journey of Noah Funk, a newly elected Mennonite pastor, who is determined to rid his community of the scourge of drugs and its nefarious ties to a trans-border smuggling alliance with ruthless Mexican cocaine cartels.  Just when he thinks he’s won, Noah and his wife Anna are thrust headlong into a desperate world of violence, greed, and betrayal.

Pure is produced by Two East Productions and Cineflix in association with Super Channel, WGN America, Hulu and the CBC.  The series is created by Michael Amo (The Listener) with Amo and director Ken Girotti (Orphan BlackVikings) serving as executive producers for the second season, along with Brett Burlock, Peter Emerson and David MacLeod (Call Me FitzHaven). Cineflix Rights has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to Pure.


Links: Pure, Season 1

From Lauren Sarner of the New York Post:

Link: Drug-dealing Mennonites take center stage in ‘Pure’
Grizzled men trafficking drugs is hardly a new TV trope — think “Breaking Bad” or “Narcos.” But the twist for “Pure” is a doozy: drug-trafficking Mennonites.

The new WGN America series follows a drug ring in the unlikely setting of a community of Canadian Mennonites, a strict religious sect with a low-tech lifestyle similar to the Amish. Continue reading.

From George Dickie Gracenote of the Daily Herald:

Link: Mennonites get pulled into drug smuggling in WGN America drama ‘Pure’
We often think of Mennonites as devoutly religious people who live simple lives free from the less-desirable aspects of modern existence. But a series premiering on WGN America shows that they, too, are not immune to the horrors of the 21st century. Continue reading.

From Meaghan Darwish of TV Insider:

Link: WGN America’s ‘Pure’ is inspired by the real-life Mennonite Mob
Looking for your next drug-centric binge? Want a show that’s a mix between AMC’s Breaking Bad and Cinemax’s Banshee? WGN America’s PURE may just be the fix you’re looking for. Continue reading.

From Dale McGarrigle of TV Fanatic:

Link: Pure’s Ryan Robbins Q & A: His Crusading Pastor, a Menacing Mob and his Spunky Little Drama
“I became really fascinated by the whole Anabaptist movement, and the lifestyle, that very simple off-grid lifestyle that many Mennonite communities practice.” Continue reading. 

From Dale McGarrigle of TV Fanatic:

Link: Pure’s A.J. Buckley Q & A: His Broken-Down Cop, Infiltrating the Mob, and His Entrancing Imported Drama
“I hadn’t really played a character like this before, so I called my agent back and let him know I was interested. Then I had a call with the director and the showrunner and that was kind of it. Bronco was born.” Continue reading. 


Super Channel to air first season of Mennonite drug drama Pure premieres January 22

From a media release:

In advance of the highly anticipated Canadian premiere of the second season of Pure, Super Channel is pleased to give subscribers a chance to catch up on the first season of the acclaimed Mennonite drug drama, when it premieres Tuesday, January 22 at 10 p.m. ET on Super Channel Fuse. Each episode of the six-episode first season will also be available on Super Channel on Demand the day following its linear broadcast.

Season One of Pure introduces viewers to the insular world of the Mennonite community and the double life that one pastor must adopt to protect his family from a crime syndicate. Inspired by true events, Pure follows the journey of Noah Funk, a newly-elected Mennonite pastor, who is determined to rid his community of the scourge of drugs and its nefarious ties to a transborder smuggling alliance with ruthless Mexican cocaine cartels.

Pure stars Ryan Robbins (Arrow, Falling Skies, The Killing) as the good-hearted and conflicted pastor, Noah Funk, and Alex Paxton-Beesley (The Strain, Murdoch Mysteries) as his devoted wife, Anna. Season one also stars A.J. Buckley (SEAL Team, Murder in the First), Rosie Perez (Rise, Search Party), Peter Outerbridge (Taken, 12 Monkeys, The Expanse) and Gord Rand (Orphan Black).

Super Channel has greenlit a sophomore season of the scripted series, with Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother, American Pie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) joining the cast as a recurring guest star. Season Two of Pure is slated to premiere in Spring 2019.

Pure is produced by Two East Productions and Cineflix Studios in association with Super Channel, WGN America, Hulu and the CBC.  The series is created and written by Michael Amo (The Listener) with Ken Girotti (Orphan Black, Vikings) as series director. Amo and Girotti will serve as executive producers for the second season, along with Brett Burlock, Peter Emerson and David MacLeod (Call Me Fitz, Haven). Cineflix Rights has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to Pure.


Link: Halifax remains Pure thanks to Super Channel

From Bill Brioux of Brioux.tv:

Link: Halifax remains Pure thanks to Super Channel
Pure fans, your prayers have been answered. Super Channel has resurrected thee Mennonite mob drama for a second season.

The series seemed deader than a Roseanne revival after CBC walked away after six episodes. That was a blow to the Halifax production community, coming on the heels of other series shut downs in the wake of provincial cut backs on tax incentives. Continue reading.