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Comments and queries for the week of February 8

Honestly, so lucky to be able so see such good actors perform at an excellent calibre and performing at their best. Your storyline draws you in to the very end and I appreciate Yannick’s update with his personal output of his ideas which makes me feel Murdoch Mysteries will be here for a whole lot longer. Thanks. —Sal

Living in the U.S.A., there is a large number of Murdochians if you read our posts on Tweeter you will see how everything and everyone associated with the show is loved.  Hoping that the cast and crew don’t get sick of doing the show; it would be a great loss to all. Hope we hear soon that it’s been picked up again; if not I and many others will have something to say. I have all but Season 12’s DVDs so I can view at anytime I want. Thank you for giving us insight into the show and conversations with Yannick. —Gail

Thoroughly enjoying info. Have not seen this weeks episode yet. So far Season 12 has been a credit to the writers and actors; it just gets better if that’s possible. Everything about Murdoch Mysteries is simply the best in every way. —Christine

Great episode! Wonderful storyline, a great script with deep psychological drama of the main characters. The acting game of Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, Thomas Craig and Jonny Harris is at the highest level as always! Thank you for the interview with Yannick Bisson; he is very talented. It’s good that Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy are involved in other projects, but not sure that these projects will be as successful and super popular in different countries as Murdoch Mysteries. This is a unique show in which each new season is more interesting than the previous one. We really hope for the 13th and next seasons with the obligatory participation of our four favourite characters! Thanks to the whole Murdoch Mysteries team! —Lyudmila


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