Island of Bryan premieres April 7 on HGTV Canada

From a media release:

Starting Sunday, April 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, HGTV Canada gives viewers an in depth, personal look at the Baeumler’s struggle to transform their beachfront resort in the new Canadian original series Island of Bryan (13×60). Taking on their biggest challenge yet, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler move to the Bahamas with their four children to overhaul a run-down resort into a booming business. Despite the stunning backdrop of Bahamas’ white beaches and crystal blue water, they quickly discover that this is no vacation. Faced with daily hurdles and unforeseen challenges from construction delays and design limitations, Bryan and Sarah must work together to turn their embattled piece of paradise into the stunning dream of the Caerula Mar Club.

After a successful second season of Bryan Inc. – the #1 program on HGTV Canada last spring* – fans will experience the Baeumler’s bold and risky adventure first hand, seeing the step-by-step progress of the resort as it is transformed – from the hotel block and the private villas, to the poolside and the main club house. The final result is a beautiful boutique hotel that marries Sarah’s distinctive style with modern Caribbean design concepts and Bryan’s high level construction standards.

Island of Bryan is produced by Si Entertainment in association with Corus Entertainment’s HGTV Canada. New episodes will be available On Demand and at each week after broadcast. Viewers can travel behind-the-scenes with exclusive Island of Bryan content at, including tours of the Baeumler’s favourite rooms and spots around the island, fun videos of their four active kids (a.k.athe “B Team”), Q&A with Bryan and Sarah, and more.


3 thoughts on “Island of Bryan premieres April 7 on HGTV Canada”

  1. Wonderful I love them and their family, I will look forward to the series. Good luck.
    God Bless Sandra

  2. Hello, I am a fan of Bryans shows, but I wonder why this new ventures so late at 10pm at night :(

  3. I’m a 64 year old male who is a fan but who finds Bryan in this series as a male chauvinist pig who doesn’t listen, is self centred jerk, and gives a bad reputation to guys. Don

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