Links: Street Legal, Season 1

From Stephen Cooke of The Herald:

Link: Former Halifax Mooseheads player Steve Lund stars in CBC-TV’s reboot of Street Legal
What’s the difference between a lawyer and a werewolf?

If anybody can come up with a punchline to that setup, it’s Halifax-born actor Steve Lund, who previously bared his canine teeth on the Syfy/Space horror series Bitten, and now trades his full moon fever in for a law degree on CBC-TV’s upcoming revival of its late-’80s/early ‘90s hit Street Legal, premiering on March 4. Continue reading.

From Jennifer Brown of Canadian Lawyer:

Link: Street Legal reboot storyline features law firm meltdown
Appointment viewing is rare these days, but class action lawyers and fans who remember CBC’s Street Legal may want to put a reminder in the calendar for March 4. Continue reading.

From Norman Wilner of Now Toronto:

Link: TV review: Street Legal reboot is slicker, sharper and more focused than the soapy original
A quarter of a century after it went off the air, Street Legal is back on CBC – though I’m not exactly sure who was asking for it. This is just how it is now: everything we vaguely remember from the 90s will be brought back for another shot. At least this reboot understands that the world is different, and adapts to new realities. Continue reading. 

From Tony Wong of the Toronto Star:

Link: Cynthia Dale says new Street Legal is no nostalgia trip
“What is it like to be a woman closer to the end of her career than the beginning? You have different hopes and dreams. You have more opinion but also more fears. She walks into this new rock-star boutique firm. And she has a daughter who is in her mid twenties who she is trying to have a relationship with. All of that plays into who Olivia is today.” Continue reading. 

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: Calgary actress Yvonne Chapman lands main role in CBC’s Street Legal reboot
Yvonne Chapman’s shifting career aspirations must have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for her parents.

She is an actress about to enjoy her highest profile role yet in the CBC reboot of the long-running 1980s-1990s drama Street Legal, playing a crusading lawyer named Mina Lee who takes on Big Pharma over the opioid crisis. Continue reading. 

From Melissa Buote of The Coast:

Link: #iconic: Cynthia Dale
“She was still in my DNA. She was in there; I just hadn’t turned my gaze on her in so long. But she was there. And she’s still a very powerful lawyer, she still has all the moxie, all the passion, all the aggression, all the smarts, all the brains that she had then. And now it’s ten-fold with the veil of all that history and insecurity and not giving a shit that happens when you get older.” Continue reading.

From Galen Simmons of the Stratford Beacon Herald:

Link: Cynthia Dale returns 25 years later to classic role in Street Legal reboot
“I’d never, in a million years, thought this could, or would, or should happen, but they asked me. It took me a few minutes to get my jaw off the floor, and then it was like, ‘Ya, why not? Sure. Absolutely.’” Continue reading. 

From Bill Brioux of

Link: REVIEW: CBC’s Street Legal
This slick reboot sees Dale reprise her role as Olivia Novak, now Bay Street Legal and still fit and feisty in her fifties as a partner in a bigger, nastier law firm. In the pilot, she still wears the power heels and knows how to use them but eventually gets tripped up in a power struggle at her firm. Continue reading.

From Melissa Hank of

Link: Cynthia Dale says rebooting Street Legal was “a wild ride”
“It was a wild ride. It was a gift. I didn’t realize that Olivia’s in my DNA. I didn’t have to look too far. It’s not like we picked up where we left off — we picked up exactly where we would be 27 years later. I hadn’t thought about her really, or even considered entertaining the possibility of revisiting her ever in those 27 years, so to find out that she was still there was really a joy.” Continue reading. 

From Charles Trapunski of Brief Take:

Link: Interview: Street Legal’s Cynthia Dale, Cara Ricketts, Steve Lund, Yvonne Chapman and Eric Peterson
“It’s an entirely new story. It’s really built in the reality of the world today. Yes, we are following Olivia 20 years later, but it’s the stories of now. It’s the show of now, and how young professionals are now versus before and in my opinion completely different—while still honouring what was done in the past.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Street Legal: 3 Reasons to watch the new CBC drama
After a 25-year break, CBC is bringing back the drama Street Legal with original cast member Cynthia Dale once again front and center as Olivia Novak. This time around though, Olivia finds herself working with a trio of young lawyers at the newly created startup firm RDL Legal.  Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Street Legal’s Cara Ricketts on playing a rock star litigator
“Lilly Rue is a little bit of a rock star. She’s well-educated and has studied at Oxford. Because of those book smarts she’s overly confident, to the point of being at fault in her personal life. We get to see how free-wheeling she is, but at the same time how much a do-gooder she is and tries to take care of her family, friends and community.” Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Steet Legal’s Yvonne Chapman on the passion that drives Mina
“Mina is the one who actually starts RDL firm. She’s incredibly smart, introspective and a really intelligent and sharp lawyer. She’s more introverted and someone who doesn’t need to shout ‘hey! Look at me!’ That’s just not how she is, but unfortunately, working in the corporate world, it’s the ones who make the most noise who get the most reward.” Continue reading.